The Library Information System of the University of Maribor (LISUM) is comprised of the University of Maribor Library and 12 faculty libraries: Library of Technical Faculties (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemistry Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), Faculty of Economics and Business Library, Miklošič Library (Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics), Faculty of Organizational Sciences Library, Faculty of Tourism Library, Mirko Ilešič Library, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences Library, Faculty of Medicine Library, Faculty of Logistics Library, Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security Library, Faculty of Health Sciences Library and Faculty of Energy Technology Library. LISUM performs the following functions: organisational (the central library connects with the faculty libraries through expert referents), informational (access to information and materials), pedagogical (unified planning and implementation of user education), bibliographical (unified managing and editing of university professors’ and researchers’ bibliographies) and archiving (unified concern for safety and protection of materials). By connecting the central University of Maribor library with the faculty libraries through material selection and purchase, informational activities, professors’ and researchers’ bibliographies creation, unified information system, unified user database with a uniform card valid in all libraries of the system, uniform standards and similar user education programmes the Library Information System of the University of Maribor approaches the modern model in which all of the University of Maribor libraries are functionally connected.