The University of Maribor Digital Library (DKUM) is the institutionalised repository of the University of Maribor. It supports the open access to scientific, research and professional works, and research data, which are results of research and education at the University.

Publishing works in DKUM encourages social responsibility, exchange of scientific information, it impacts the effect of researchers’ results, and the University’s reputation. DKUM also enables the fulfilment of financiers’ demands on open access to all reviewed publications and research data that are funded by public finances. Within the Horizon Europe co-financing programme for research activities and innovations framework, the European Commission defines, among other, the provision of open access to peer-reviewed publications and access to research data in a trustworthy repository according to the principle "as open as possible, as closed as necessary (FAIR)."

DKUM includes works from all University of Maribor members. Next to diplomas, master’s degrees, doctorates and other works by students it also includes reviewed publications from funded projects, electronic academic textbooks and materials, and other works whose authors are the University of Maribor staff or if they are published by the University of Maribor.