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Title:Removal of inorganic As [sup] 5+ from a small drinking water system
Authors:Simonič, Marjana (Author)
Files:URL http://www.shd.org.rs/JSCS/Vol74/No1/09_4044_3811.pdf
Work type:Unknown ()
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FKKT - Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Abstract:The drinking water from a small drinking water system contained arsenic in a concentration of about 50 ▫$mu$▫g/L. Chemical analyses showed that the pentavalent form of arsenic was present. Since the MCL value is 10 ▫$mu$▫g/L, it was necessary to implement a technological treatment to make the water suitable for drinking. In order to do so, two technologies were suggested: activated alumina and ▫$alpha$▫-FeOOH (TehnoArz, TA) adsorption media. Experiments using both adsorption media were performed on a laboratory scale. It was possible to remove arsenic to below 1 ▫$mu$▫g/L. The maximal adsorption capacity was found to be 12.7 mg of As5+ per gram of ▫$alpha$▫-FeOOH. Moreover, all the important physico- chemical parameters of the water remained practically unchanged after the treatment. Only a slight release of iron from the media was observed. The Fe-As bond was studied by means of chemical analysis and X-ray powder diffraction. Finally, in addition to showing the capability of arsenic removalby ▫$alpha$▫-FeOOH, a comprehensive optimization of the technological parameters of the selected technology is provided.
Keywords:drinking water, arsenic, activated alumina, goethite, adsorption
Year of publishing:2009
ISSN on article:0352-5139
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Title:Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society
Shortened title:J. Serb. Chem. Soc.
Publisher:Serbian Chemical Society
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Title:Removal of inorganic As5+ from a small drinking water system


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