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Title:Zdravstvena nega bolnika s krvavitvijo iz nosu
Authors:Smogavec, Marina (Author)
Kokoš, viš. med. ses.., univ. dipl. org., Marjeta (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
Čizmarević, dr. med., Doc. dr. Bogdan (Co-mentor)
Files:.pdf VS_Smogavec_Marina_2009.pdf (13,94 MB)
Work type:Undergraduate thesis (m5)
Organization:FZV - Faculty of Health Sciences
Abstract:V diplomskem delu želimo predstaviti zdravstveno nego bolnika s krvavitvijo iz nosu. V medicinskem delu je opisana anatomija in fiziologija nosu, vzroki za nastanek krvavitve iz nosu, ter možni načini zdravljenja bolnika s krvavitvijo iz nosu. V naslednjih poglavjih želimo poudariti nekaj tipičnih negovalnih diagnoz, ki so značilne za bolnika s krvavitvijo iz nosu, hkrati pa predstaviti pomen timskega dela, standardizacije zdravstvene nege in zdravstveno vzgojno delo medicinske sestre pri bolniku s krvavitvijo iz nosu.
Keywords:krvavitev iz nosu, zdravstvena nega bolnika, medicinska sestra, negovalna diagnoza, standardi
Year of publishing:2009
Publisher:[M. Smogavec]
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Title:Nursing care of patient who bleeds from the nose
Abstract:In diploma work we wish to present a health care for a patient with bleeding from the nose. In the medical work we described anatomy and physiology of the nose, the reasons for causes of bleeding from the nose and possible treatments for a patients with bleeding from the nose. In the following chapters we wish to emphasize some typical nursing diagnosis, which are typical for a patient with bleeding from the nose. We also wish to present the importance of teamwork, standardization of nursing and nurse's health educational work with patient who bleeds from the nose.
Keywords:bleeding from the nose, care of the patient, nurse, nursing diagnosis, standards


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