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Title:Obravnava pacientke po lepotni operacije dojke
Authors:Lesnika, Bernarda (Author)
VRABIČ, Erik (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
KOKOŠ, Marjeta (Co-mentor)
Files:.pdf VS_Lesnika_Bernarda_2009.pdf (734,48 KB)
Work type:Undergraduate thesis (m5)
Organization:FZV - Faculty of Health Sciences
Abstract:Glavna tema diplomskega dela je obravnava pacientke po lepotni operaciji dojke, kateri je bil z operativnim posegom vstavljen vsadek. Za kakovostno zdravstveno nego mora medicinska sestra poznati anatomijo in fiziologijo dojke ter vedeti, kako ženske sprejemajo svoje telo in zakaj se za ta poseg odločajo. Prvi del diplomskega dela je namenjen prav temu. Sledi osrednji del diplomskega dela, kjer je navedenih nekaj negovalnih problemov, s katerimi se medicinske sestre srečujejo po lepotni operaciji dojke. Namen diplomskega dela je predstaviti zahtevnost dela medicinskih sester po lepotni operaciji dojk, ključne vidike potrebne zdravstvene nege, ki zahteva celega človeka, saj morajo medicinske sestre poznati tudi čustvene potrebe pacientk.
Keywords:Ključne besede: lepotna operacija dojk, zdravstvena nega (ZN), proces zdravstvene nege (PZN), diplomirana medicinska sestra
Year of publishing:2009
Publisher:[B. Lesnika]
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Secondary language

Title:Treatment of the patient after a cosmetic breast augmentation
Abstract:The issue in this diploma paper is treatment of the patient after a cosmetic breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, which cosmetically enhances the size and shape of women’s breasts with the use of implants. A quality medical treatment requires the nurse to be familiar with the anatomy and physiology of breasts, as well as with more than basic notions of psychology, since the patient’s dissatisfaction with her body image is an important factor when confidence and self-esteem are affected by the belief that the size or shape of breasts are inappropriate. The first part of the diploma paper intends to explain the decisions for such interventions, i.e. surgeries. The second part, however, presents possible interpretations of nursing problems after breast augmentation. The purpose of this paper is to provide an insight into the pretentiousness of a nurse’s work after a cosmetic breast surgery, key features of health care during hospitalization and several others treatments.
Keywords:Key words: breast augmentation, breast surgery, health care, health care procedure, nurse


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