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Title:Diagnostic relevance of free light chain indices and their relation to the clinical presentation of multiple sclerosis
Authors:ID Karakatič, Sanja (Author)
ID Magdič, Jožef (Author)
ID Karakatič, Sašo (Author)
ID Omerzu, Tomaž (Author)
ID Modrič, Evgenija (Author)
ID Hojs-Fabjan, Tanja (Author)
Files:URL https://journals.um.si/index.php/amb/article/view/1602
URL https://journals.um.si/index.php/amb/article/view/1602
.pdf 2.pdf (185,58 KB)
MD5: 4BC020D36D86572D371F56197AEF00B7
Work type:Scientific work
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:MF - Faculty of Medicine
Keywords:multiple sclerosis, free light chains, kappa index, lambda index, functional systems, EDSS score
Publication status:Published
Publication version:Version of Record
Publication date:01.01.2020
Year of publishing:2020
Number of pages:str. 23-32
Numbering:Vol. 13, [no.] 1
PID:20.500.12556/DKUM-83695 New window
ISSN on article:1855-5640
COBISS.SI-ID:20504067 New window
DOI:10.18690/actabiomed.192 New window
Publication date in DKUM:24.01.2023
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Record is a part of a journal

Title:Acta medico-biotechnica : AMB
Publisher:Medicinska fakulteta, Medicinska fakulteta, Univerzitetna založba Univerze v Mariboru
COBISS.SI-ID:242526720 New window

Secondary language

Title:Vloga indeksov prostih lahkih verig pri diagnozi multiple skleroze in njihova povezava s kliničnimi znaki
Keywords:multipla skleroza, proste lahke verige, kapa indeks, lambda indeks, funkcionalni sistemi, EDSS lestvica


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