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Title:Software based encoder/decoder generation for data exchange optimization in the internet of things : master's thesis
Authors:ID Vračko, Tjaž (Author)
ID Holobar, Aleš (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
ID Milivojević, Vojislav Dragan (Co-mentor)
Files:.pdf MAG_Vracko_Tjaz_2022.pdf (2,58 MB)
MD5: 0FF7682BFCC84310B424FE1E04405113
PID: 20.500.12556/dkum/dafb9855-3e8d-4f29-9472-d9dd1317c9e9
Work type:Master's thesis/paper
Typology:2.09 - Master's Thesis
Organization:FERI - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Abstract:Efficient encoding of data is an important part of projects in the Internet of Things space. Communication packets must be kept as small as possible in order to minimize the power consumption of devices. In this thesis, an automatic code generation tool, irpack, is proposed that will unify the way packets are defined across all future projects at Institute IRNAS. Using a schema, this tool generates source code of encoders and decoders in target programming languages. A schema evolution system is also defined, by which changes to packets can be compatible across multiple versions. The tool is then applied to a selection of past projects to gauge its usefulness. It is determined that irpack is able to encode the same data into a similar or smaller size packet, while also providing additional versioning information.
Keywords:encoding/decoding, schema, schema evolution, bit packing, code generation
Place of publishing:Maribor
Place of performance:Maribor
Publisher:[T. Vračko]
Year of publishing:2022
Number of pages:1 spletni vir (1 datoteka PDF (XVI, 70 f.))
PID:20.500.12556/DKUM-81095 New window
COBISS.SI-ID:98849027 New window
Publication date in DKUM:31.01.2022
Categories:KTFMB - FERI
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License:CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
Description:The most restrictive Creative Commons license. This only allows people to download and share the work for no commercial gain and for no other purposes.
Licensing start date:04.01.2022

Secondary language

Title:Programsko generiranje kodirnika in dekodirnika za optimizacijo izmenjave podatkov v internetu stvari
Abstract:Učinkovito kodiranje podatkov je pomemben del projektov v prostoru interneta stvari (IoT). Komunikacijski paketi morajo biti čim manjši, da se zmanjša poraba energije naprav. V tem magistrskem delu predstavimo irpack -- orodje za avtomatsko generiranje programske kode, ki bo poenotilo način definiranja paketov na vseh projektih v podjetju IRNAS. Z uporabo definicijsijke sheme orodje generira kodo kodirnika in dekodirnika v izbranem programskem jeziku. Prav tako postavimo sistem za evolucijo sheme, ki definira, kako se lahko definicije paketov spreminjajo, a vseeno ostanejo kompatibilne med različnimi verzijami. Z uporabo orodja nato poustvarimo pakete iz izbranih projektov, da ocenimo njegovo uporabno vrednost.
Keywords:kodiranje/dekodiranje, shema, razvoj sheme, stiskanje bitov, generiranje kode


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