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Title:Večplatformska avtomatizacija funkcionalnih testov za mobilne aplikacije : diplomsko delo
Authors:ID Sternad, Žiga (Author)
ID Pavlič, Luka (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
Files:.pdf UN_Sternad_Ziga_2020.pdf (1,75 MB)
MD5: 5D8D284363C39893F4CE49A22424FFEE
PID: 20.500.12556/dkum/032fe2b4-2a42-48f1-a381-58de6963bc28
Work type:Bachelor thesis/paper
Typology:2.11 - Undergraduate Thesis
Organization:FERI - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Abstract:V diplomskem delu je podrobneje predstavljeno področje funkcionalnega testiranja mobilnih aplikacij s poudarkom na avtomatizaciji testnih scenarijev. Opisani so izzivi pri testiranju mobilnih aplikacij, s katerimi se razvijalci srečujejo med razvojem in poganjanjem testnih scenarijev ter razlike med platformama iOS in Android. Cilj diplomske naloge je preučiti avtomatsko testiranje funkcionalnih testov za mobilne aplikacije platform iOS in Android, nato pa s pomočjo ogrodja Appium izdelati rešitev, ki bo poganjala testne scenarije na obeh omenjenih platformah.
Keywords:testiranje mobilnih aplikacij, večplatformsko testiranje, Appium, funkcionalno testiranje, platforma iOS, platforma Android
Place of publishing:Maribor
Place of performance:Maribor
Publisher:[Ž. Sternad]
Year of publishing:2020
Number of pages:IX, 47 f.
PID:20.500.12556/DKUM-76672 New window
COBISS.SI-ID:27485443 New window
Publication date in DKUM:03.07.2020
Categories:KTFMB - FERI
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License:CC BY 4.0, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Description:This is the standard Creative Commons license that gives others maximum freedom to do what they want with the work as long as they credit the author.
Licensing start date:19.06.2020

Secondary language

Title:Multiplatform functional test automation for mobile applications
Abstract:In this final thesis we presented functional mobile applications testing with emphasis on test automation. We described mobile applications testing challenges that frequently appear while developing and running test cases and differences between iOS and Android platforms. The goal of this work is to study test automation for mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms and with the Appium framework develop a solution that will run test cases on both platforms.
Keywords:mobile application testing, multiplatform testing, Appium, funkcional testing, iOS platform, Android platform


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