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Title:Spremljanje motenj srčnega ritma z biometričnimi senzorji v oblačilih : diplomsko delo
Authors:Horvat, Sandi (Author)
Verber, Domen (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
Naji, Franjo (Co-mentor)
Files:.pdf UN_Horvat_Sandi_2019.pdf (1000,88 KB)
MD5: 1AC8D6C577BCE157A9110C3A90965DA2
Work type:Bachelor thesis/paper (mb11)
Typology:2.11 - Undergraduate Thesis
Organization:FERI - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Abstract:Pametne ure so vsakodnevni pripomoček, ki je vedno bolj razširjen. Prav tako vidimo porast motenj srčnega ritma tudi pri mladih. V zaključnem delu smo najprej opredelili, kako srce deluje, kako je sestavljeno in opisali motnje srca in jih razdelili. Primerjali smo obstoječe aplikacije, ki merijo srčni utrip s pomočjo senzorja na pametni uri in povzeli, če so zbrani podatki zadosti natančni in pregledni za prepoznanje in spremljanje motenj srčnega ritma. Večina aplikacij ne prikazuje podatkov zadosti natančno, zato zanesljivo spremljanje motenj ni mogoče. Pametna ura lahko služi kot orodje za spremljanje srčnega ritma. Če pa s pomočjo ure zaznamo nepravilnosti, je vseeno potreben obisk specialista.
Keywords:motnje srčnega ritma, aritmija, biometrični senzorji, srčni utrip, pametna ura
Year of publishing:2019
Place of performance:Maribor
Publisher:[S. Horvat]
Number of pages:VII, 29 f.
COBISS_ID:22872342 New window
Categories:KTFMB - FERI
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License:CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
Description:The most restrictive Creative Commons license. This only allows people to download and share the work for no commercial gain and for no other purposes.
Licensing start date:26.09.2019

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Title:Monitoring heart rhythm disorders with biometric sensors in clothing
Abstract:Smartwatches are an ever-widening gadget. We also see an increase in heart rhythm disorders, even in young people. We first defined how the heart works, how it is composed, and described heart disorders and divided them accordingly. We compared existing applications that measure heart rate using a smartwatch sensor and summarized if the data collected is sufficiently accurate and transparent to identify and monitor heart rate disorders. Most applications do not accurately display data, so reliable monitoring of interference is not possible. A smartwatch can serve as a tool to monitor your heart rate. However, if we detect irregularities with the help of a watch, a specialist visit is necessary.
Keywords:heart rhythm disorders, arrhythmia, biometric sensors, heartbeat, smart watch


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