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Title:Testiranje učinkovitosti biotičnih insekticidov za zatiranje jabolčnega zavijača (cydia pomonella l.)
Authors:Savkan, Fatma Ece (Author)
Lešnik, Mario (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
Vajs, Stanislav (Co-mentor)
Files:.pdf MAG_Savkan_Fatma_Ece_2019.pdf (1,18 MB)
MD5: 003B7075C089C7BBF171481A32FE80DC
Work type:Master's thesis/paper (mb22)
Typology:2.09 - Master's Thesis
Organization:FKBV - Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Abstract:V letih 2017 in 2018 smo izvedli dva poljska poskusa kjer smo testirali učinkovitost biotičnih insekticidov na podlagi virusov granuloze CpGV (Madex max) in bakterije Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki (Lepinox plus®) za zatiranje jabolčnega zavijača. V rastni dobi smo pripravke nanesli 10 krat v 100 % odmerku (Madex 100 ml/ha, Lepinox 1 kg/ha) in v 200 % odmerku (Madex 200 ml/ha, Lepinox 2 kg/ha). Učinkovitost CpGv je nihala med 40 in 80 %. Učinkovitost B. thuringiensis je nihala med 10 in 65 %. Povečanje odmerka iz 100 na 200 % je nekoliko povečalo učinkovitost CpGV in B. thuringiensis insekticidov. Samo z uporabo CpGV in B. thuringiensis pripravkov ni možno zagotoviti povsem zanesljivega zatiranja jabolčnega zavijača.
Keywords:jabolčni zavijač, zatiranje, učinkovitost, CpGV, B. thuringiensis
Year of publishing:2019
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License:CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
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Licensing start date:25.07.2019

Secondary language

Title:Testing biotic insecticide effectiveness for controlling apple codling moths (cydia pomonella l.)
Abstract:In the years 2017 and 2018, two field trials were carried out in which the effectiveness of biotic insecticides based on CpGV viruses (Madex max) and Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki (Lepinox plus) were tested for controlling the apple codling moth. During the growing season, the concoctions were applied 10 times in a 100% dose (Madex 100 ml/ha, Lepinox 1 kg / ha) and 200% dose (Madex 200 ml/ha, Lepinox 2 kg/ha). The efficiency of CpGv fluctuated between 40 and 80%. The efficacy of B. thuringiensis insecticide fluctuated between 10 and 65%. Increasing the dose from 100 to 200% increased the efficacy of CpGV and B. thuringiensis insecticides slightly. It is not possible to provide a completely reliable control of the codling moth by only applying CpGV and B. thuringiensis insecticides.
Keywords:codling moth, control, efficacy, granulovirus CpGV, B. thuringiensis


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