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Title:Meritve in primerjava osnovnih karakteristik laboratorijskih sinhronskih strojev s cilindričnim rotorjem in izraženimi poli
Authors:Novak, Tomaž (Author)
Petrun, Martin (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
Files:.pdf VS_Novak_Tomaz_2018.pdf (4,01 MB)
MD5: E83C8D2EC0465A15C311F03660D3DD54
Work type:Bachelor thesis/paper (mb11)
Typology:2.11 - Undergraduate Thesis
Organization:FERI - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Abstract:V diplomski nalogi sta predstavljena in analizirana dva laboratorijska sinhronska stroja nazivne moči 0,3 kVA. Obravnavana stroja se razlikujeta po zgradbi rotorja in spadata v skupini sinhronskih strojev s cilindričnim rotorjem ter sinhronskih strojev z izraženimi poli. V okviru diplomskega dela je najprej predstavljeno teoretično ozadje, iz katerega so razvidne osnovne razlike delovanja obeh strojev. V nadaljevanju je predstavljen laboratorijski sistem, na osnovi katerega je bila izvedena eksperimentalna analiza obeh strojev. S pomočjo opisanega laboratorijskega sistema so bili izvedeni osnovni standardni preizkusi v prostem teku, kratkem stiku ter v paralelnem obratovanju sinhronskih strojev z omrežjem. Na podlagi preizkusov je izvedena primerjava obeh tipov strojev. S pomočjo meritev sta določena obratovalna diagrama obeh strojev. Nadalje je opisan postopek izrisa krivulj V, karakteristik faktorja delavnosti ter regulacijskih karakteristik na osnovi izmerjenih obratovalnih diagramov in primerjava dobljenih rezultatov.
Keywords:sinhronski stroj, izraženi poli, cilindrični rotor, preizkus prostega teka, preizkus kratkega stika, obratovalni diagram, standardni preizkusi
Year of publishing:2018
Publisher:T. Novak
COBISS_ID:21781782 New window
Categories:KTFMB - FERI
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License:CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
Description:The most restrictive Creative Commons license. This only allows people to download and share the work for no commercial gain and for no other purposes.
Licensing start date:04.09.2018

Secondary language

Title:Measurement and comparison of basic characteristics of laboratory synchronous machines with cylindrical and salient pole rotors
Abstract:In this thesis, two laboratory synchronous machines with a nominal power of 0.3 kVA are presented and analyzed. The discussed machines have different rotor construction and therefore belong in the groups of synchronous machines with cylindrical rotors and synchronous machines with salient pole rotors, respectively. In the thesis, first the theoretical backgruond is used to explain the basic differences in the operation of both machines. Next, a laboratory system is described, which was used to perform the experimental analysis. Using this laboratory system, basic standard tests including the no load test, short circuit test and paralell operation of synchronous machines with the grid were carried out. On the basis of the discussed tests, a comparison of both machine types are performed. Furthermore, the process of deriving the V curves, the power factor characteristcs and regulation characteristics based on the measured capability diagram is presented, whereas the obtained results are discussed in detail.
Keywords:synchronous machine, salient pole rotor, cilindrical rotor, no load test, short circuit test, capability diagram, standard tests


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