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Title:Infrastruktura INSPIRE v Republiki Sloveniji
Authors:Pevec, Amadej (Author)
Mongus, Domen (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
Files:.pdf MAG_Pevec_Amadej_2017.pdf (7,44 MB)
MD5: 62A4684D00C31BB21E72A3338472088B
Work type:Master's thesis/paper (mb22)
Typology:2.09 - Master's Thesis
Organization:FERI - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Abstract:V tem magistrskem delu predstavimo evropsko direktivo INSPIRE in z njo povezano infrastrukturo ter storitve v Republiki Sloveniji. Podrobneje opišemo metapodatke in ključne komponente infrastrukture INSPIRE: geoportal, metapodatkovni sistem ter omrežne storitve INSPIRE. V praktičnem delu opišemo implementacijo spletnega geografskega informacijskega sistema (GIS) in pregledovalnika ter prikažemo vzpostavitev zalednega in metapodatkovnega sistema INSPIRE v Republiki Sloveniji. Skozi validacijo predstavimo ključne izboljšave sistema v primerjavi z dosedanjim stanjem tehnike.
Keywords:direktiva INSPIRE, metapodatkovni sistem, geografski informacijski sistemi, prostorski podatki, GeoNetwork
Year of publishing:2017
Publisher:A. Pevec
COBISS_ID:20861718 New window
Categories:KTFMB - FERI
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License:CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
Description:The most restrictive Creative Commons license. This only allows people to download and share the work for no commercial gain and for no other purposes.
Licensing start date:08.07.2017

Secondary language

Title:INSPIRE infrastructure in Republic of Slovenia
Abstract:This Master's thesis introduces an implementation of European INSPIRE directive in Republic of Slovenia. In this context, description of infrastructure and connected services is given, while metadata and main components of INSPIRE infrastructure are described in details. The latter include geoportal, metadata system and INSPIRE network services together with the implementation of an online geographic information system (GIS). The establishment of backend and INSPIRE metadata system in Republic of Slovenia is also shown. The main improvements of implemented system compared to previously used technology are demonstrated during the validation.
Keywords:INSPIRE directive, metadata system, geographic information systems, spatial data, GeoNetwork


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