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Title:The crystal and molecular structures of two reaction products of geminal dicyano oxirane with thiohydantoine (compound I) and thioxobenzoxazole (compound II)
Authors:Leban, Ivan (Author)
Majcen Le Marechal, Alenka (Author)
Robert, Albert (Author)
Files:.pdf Croatica_Chemica_Acta_1993_Leban,_Majcen_Le_Marechal,_Robert_The_crystal_and_molecular_structures_of_two_reaction_products_of_geminal_di.pdf (16,17 MB)
URL http://hrcak.srce.hr/137072
Work type:Scientific work (r2)
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Abstract:The crystal and molecular structures of two reaction products of geminal dicyano oxiranes with thiohydantoione and thioxobenzoxazole have been determinated from ▫$Mo-K_\alpha$▫ X-ray diffraction data. The two reaction products were: 2H-2-(p-tolyl)-imidazol[1,2-b]thiazole-3,6-dione (compound I) and Z-3-benzoxazole-3-phenyl-2-oxo-2-propanenitrile (compound II) with the following crystal data at 293(1) K: Compound I, ▫$C_{12}H_{10}N_2O_2S$▫, monoclinic ▫$P2_1/c$▫, a=15057(3), b=5.200(3), c=14.724(4) Å, ▫$\beta=104.24(3)°$▫, Z=4; final R and ▫$R_w$▫ values were 0.034 and 0.049 for1647 observed reflexions. Compound II, ▫$C_{16}H{10}N_2O_2$▫, monoclinic, ▫$P2_1/n$▫, a=14.396(3), b=4.326(1), c=21.335(4) Å, ▫$\beta-107.79(1)°$▫, Z=4;final R and ▫$R_w$▫ values 0.040 and 0.053 for 1516 observed reflections.
Keywords:organic chemistry, crystal structure, chemical reactions, oxiranes, coordination compounds, structural chemistry
Year of publishing:1993
Number of pages:str. 393-400
Numbering:št. 2, Letn. 66
ISSN on article:0011-1643
COBISS_ID:17906437 Link is opened in a new window
License:CC BY 4.0
This work is available under this license: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
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Record is a part of a journal

Title:Croatica Chemica Acta
Shortened title:Croat. Chem. Acta
Publisher:Hrvatsko kemijsko društvo
COBISS.SI-ID:22807 New window

Secondary language

Title:Kristalne i molekulske strukture dvaju reakcijskih produkata geminalnog dicijanooksirana s tiohidantoinom i tiooksobenzoksazolom
Abstract:Metodom röntgenske difrakcije ▫$Mo-K_\alpha$▫ određene su kristalne i molekulske strukture 2H2-(p-tolil)-imidazo[1,2-b]tiazol-3,6-diona, ▫$C_{12}H_{10}N_2O_2S$▫ (spoj I) i Z-3-benzoksazol-3-fenil-2-okso-2-propanonitrila, ▫$C_{16}H{10}N_2O_2$▫ (spoj II). Oba spoja kristaliziraju u monoklinskom sustavu. Spoj I; ▫$P2_1/c$▫, a=15057(3), b=5.200(3), c=14.724(4) Å, ▫$\beta=104.24(3)°$▫, Z=4; 1647 opaženih refleksa utočnjeno je do R = 0,034; ▫$R_w$▫ = 0,049. Spoj II; ▫$P2_1/n$▫, a=14.396(3), b=4.326(1), c=21.335(4) Å, ▫$\beta-107.79(1)°$▫, Z=4; 1516 refleksa utočnjeno je do R = 0,040; ▫$R_w$▫ = 0.053.
Keywords:organska kemija, kristalna struktura, kemijske reakcije, oksirani, koordinacijske spojine, strukturna kemija


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