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Title:Determination of end-points in hydrolytic potentiometric titrations in Ca2+ -F- system
Authors:Dobčnik, Danilo (Author)
Brodnjak-Vončina, Darinka (Author)
Files:.pdf Croatica_Chemica_Acta_1993_Dobcnik,_Brodnjak-Voncina_Determination_of_end-points_in_hydrolytic_potentiometric_titrations_in_Ca2_-F-_syst.pdf (17,50 MB)
MD5: 00A44C5A91FB918F344B8BFE9D2F9C59
URL http://hrcak.srce.hr/137073
Work type:Scientific work (r2)
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FKKT - Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Abstract:Mathematical modelling of a multi-component titration system of hydrolytic titrations of metal ions is described. A comparison of the calculated and experimental titration curves and end volumes in the Ca2+ -F- system at different pH values of titrated solutions is presented. The determination of the end-point of titrations by several approximation and mathematical methods is described.
Keywords:titration, end-point, potentiometric, hydrolysis
Year of publishing:1993
Number of pages:str. 401-409
Numbering:št. 2, Letn. 66
ISSN on article:0011-1643
COBISS_ID:5408004 New window
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Record is a part of a journal

Title:Croatica Chemica Acta
Shortened title:Croat. Chem. Acta
Publisher:Hrvatsko kemijsko društvo
COBISS.SI-ID:22807 New window


License:CC BY 4.0, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Description:This is the standard Creative Commons license that gives others maximum freedom to do what they want with the work as long as they credit the author.
Licensing start date:05.07.2017

Secondary language

Title:Određivanje završne točke u hidrolitnim potenciometrijskim titracijama u sustavu Ca2+ - F-
Abstract:Opisan je matematički model višekomponentnoga sustava hidroliznih potenciometrijskih titracija. Prikazana je usporedba izračunanih eksperimentalnih titracijskih krivulja te završnih volumena u sustavu Ca2 + — F- pri različitim početnim vrijednostima pH titriranih otopina. Opisano je računanje završne točke titracije različitim aproksimativnim računskim metodama.
Keywords:titracija, končna točka, hidroliza, potenciometrija


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