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Title:Protein adsorption on various plasma-treated polyethylene-terephthalate substrates
Authors:ID Recek, Nina (Author)
ID Jaganjac, Morana (Author)
ID Kolar, Metod (Author)
ID Milković, Lidija (Author)
ID Mozetič, Miran (Author)
ID Stana-Kleinschek, Karin (Author)
ID Vesel, Alenka (Author)
Files:.pdf Molecules_2013_Recek_et_al._Protein_Adsorption_on_Various_Plasma-Treated_Polyethylene_Terephthalate_Substrates.pdf (2,39 MB)
MD5: EB2F9C62655A876BA5973F3DACBD291E
URL http://www.mdpi.com/1420-3049/18/10/12441/
Work type:Scientific work (r2)
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Abstract:Protein adhesion and cell response to plasma-treated polymer surfaces were studied. The polymer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) was treated in either an oxygen plasma to make the surface hydrophilic, or a tetrafluoromethane CF4 plasma to make the surface hydrophobic. The plasma source was radiofrequency (RF) discharge. The adsorption of albumin and other proteins from a cell-culture medium onto these surfaces was studied using a quartz crystal microbalance (QCM), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). The cellular response to plasma-treated surfaces was studied as well using an MTT assay and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The fastest adsorption rate was found on the hydrophilic oxygen plasma-treated sample, and the lowest was found on the pristine untreated sample. Additionally, the amount of adsorbed proteins was higher for the oxygen-plasma-treated surface, and the adsorbed layer was more viscoelastic. In addition, cell adhesion studies support this finding because the best cell adhesion was observed on oxygen-plasma-treated substrates.
Keywords:oxygen and fluorine plasma treatment, polymer surface modification, protein adsorption, cell adhesion, quartz crystal microbalance, QCM
Year of publishing:2013
Publication status in journal:Published
Article version:Publisher's version of article
Number of pages:str. 12441-12463
Numbering:št. 10, Letn. 18
ISSN on article:1420-3049
COBISS.SI-ID:27136551 New window
DOI:10.3390/molecules181012441 New window
Publication date in DKUM:22.06.2017
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Shortened title:Molecules
COBISS.SI-ID:18462981 New window


License:CC BY 4.0, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Description:This is the standard Creative Commons license that gives others maximum freedom to do what they want with the work as long as they credit the author.
Licensing start date:22.06.2017

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Keywords:kisik, fluor, plazma, površinska modifikacija polimera, adsorpcija proteinov, adhezija celic, kvarčna mikrotehtnica, QCM


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