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Title:Simulacija obratovanja visokotemperaturne toplotne črpalke s superkritičnim ogljikovim dioksidom
Authors:ID Štumpf, Mitja (Author)
ID Goričanec, Darko (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
ID Trop, Peter (Co-mentor)
Files:.pdf MAG_Stumpf_Mitja_2017.pdf (3,40 MB)
MD5: 90533BFC8FE4032B92F4C3DA9120CCE2
Work type:Master's thesis/paper
Typology:2.09 - Master's Thesis
Organization:FKKT - Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Abstract:V magistrskem delu smo se ukvarjali z računalniško simulacijo visokotemperaturne toplotne črpalke na superkritični ogljikov dioksid. Za simulacijo smo uporabili računalniški program Aspen plus. Ogljikov dioksid je naravno in okolju prijazno hladilno sredstvo, ki v zadnjem času pridobiva vedno več pozornosti. Ravno iz tega razloga smo uporabili CO2 v transkritičnem ciklu toplotne črpalke, katera se lahko uporabi tako za namene pridobivanja vroče sanitarne vode ali v industrijskih aplikacijah. Računalniško simulacijo smo izvedli v širokem območju temperatur uparjanj od –20 °C do 20 °C, za pridobivanje vroče vode temperature med 65 °C in 105 °C, kjer smo primerjali koeficiente učinkovitosti toplotne črpalke (COP). Ugotovili smo, da dobimo najboljšo učinkovitost delovanja toplotne črpalke v primeru uparjanja pri 20 °C in proizvodnjo vroče vode temperature 65 °C. Koeficient učinkovitost toplotne črpalke (COP) smo v tem primeru dobili višji od 5. V nadaljevanju smo naredili tudi računalniško simulacijo sočasne proizvodnje vroče vode in hladu, kar se je kazalo kot tehnično in ekonomsko zelo učinkovita izvedba visokotemperaturne toplotne črpalke s superkritičnim ogljikovim dioksidom.
Keywords:transkrični cikel, CO2, visokotemperaturna toplotna črpalka, računalniška simulacija
Place of publishing:Maribor
Publisher:[M. Štumpf]
Year of publishing:2017
PID:20.500.12556/DKUM-66155 New window
COBISS.SI-ID:20694038 New window
Publication date in DKUM:05.07.2017
Categories:KTFMB - FKKT
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Secondary language

Title:Simulation of operation a high-temperature heat pump with supercritical carbon dioxide
Abstract:This master thesis investigates supercritical carbon dioxide heat pumps by using computer simulations. For this purpose, Aspen plus was used as a simulation tool. Since carbon dioxide can be used as a natural and environmentally friendly coolant, it has lately been receiving an incresing attention for such application. For this reason, CO2 was used in transcritical cycle of a heat pump in this study. Such pump can be used both for the heating of sanitary water, as well as in industrial applications. A range of vaporization temperatures between –20 °C and 20 °C were simulated in this study for the purpose of heating water between 65 °C and 105 °C. The results were compared by calculating heat pump coefficient of performance (COP) for each simulation. The results show that the heat pump in this study is most efficient when heating water to 65 °C at the vaporization temperature of 20 °C. The COP calculated for such scenario exceeded the value of 5. Continuing the study, a simultaneous water heating and cool generation were simulated. Such arrangement proved to be technically and economically highly efficient setup for a high-temperature heat pump using supercritical carbon dioxide.
Keywords:transcritical cycle, CO2, high-temperature heat pump, computer simulation


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