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Title:The effects of jasmonic acid and ethylenediamine-di-o-hydroxyphenyl-acetic acid on floral induction and induction of turions in Spirodela polyrhiza (L.) Schleiden
Authors:Marinc Hrženjak, Virgilija (Author)
Kristl, Janja (Author)
Krajnčič, Božidar (Author)
Lešnik, Marija (Translator)
Files:.pdf Acta_Botanica_Croatica_2008_Hrzenjak,_Kristl,_Krajncic_The_effects_of_jasmonic_acid_and_ethylenediamine-di-o-hydroxyphenyl-acetic_acid_o.pdf (142,62 KB)
URL http://hrcak.srce.hr/28591
Work type:Scientific work (r2)
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FKBV - Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Abstract:We investigated the effects of jasmonic acid (JA) and ethylenediamine-di-o-hydroxyphenyl-acetic acid (EDDHA) on floral induction and induction of turions in the photoperiodically neutral clone Djelekovec of the species Spirodela polyrhiza in axenical cultures. JA (0.475-47.5 nmol.L-1) promoted floral induction under long-day (LD) and short day (SD) conditions, while it had no effect on turion induction. The inhibitory effect of JA on flowering and turion induction was observed at a JA concentration of 237.5 nmol.L-1 and 475 nmpl.L-1. Under the same conditions, flowering and induction of turions were enhanced by EDDHA (20.5 nmol..L-1(. The combination od EDDHA and JA had an additive effect on promotion of floral induction, which was promoted significantly in experiments with LD preculture. The results obtained by quantitative determination of endogenous JA levels in Spirodela polyrhiza at two growth stages support our previous findings that JA may regulate floral induction. The levels of endogenous JA decreased from 226±12 ng·g–1 fresh weight during the vegetative stage in LD to 38.1±3.5 ng·g–1 in the flowering plants. In SD the levels of endogenous JA decreased from 62±9ng·g–1 fresh weight during vegetative stage to 29.2±3.1 ng·g–1 in the flowering plants.
Keywords:Spirodela polyrhiza (L.) Schleiden, chelating agent EDDHA, flowering, induction of turions, jasmonic acid
Year of publishing:2008
Number of pages:str. 131-138
Numbering:št. 2, Letn. 67
ISSN on article:0365-0588
COBISS_ID:2687276 Link is opened in a new window
License:CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
This work is available under this license: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives 4.0 International
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Title:Acta Botanica Croatica
Shortened title:Acta Bot. Croat.
Publisher:De Gruyter Open
COBISS.SI-ID:6134786 New window

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Funder:ARRS - Agencija za raziskovalno dejavnost Republike Slovenije (ARRS)
Project no.:P1-0164
Name:Raziskave za zagotavljanje varne hrane in zdravja

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Keywords:Spirodela polyrhiza (L.) Schleiden, kelatni reagent EDDHA, cvetenje, indukcija turionov, jasmonska kislina


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