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Title:Morphology and corrosion properties PVD Cr-N coatings deposited on aluminium alloys
Authors:Kek-Merl, Darja (Author)
Milošev, Ingrid (Author)
Panjan, Peter (Author)
Zupanič, Franc (Author)
Inštitut za kovinske materiale in tehnologije (Authorship owner)
URL http://mit.imt.si/Revija/izvodi/mit116/kekmerl.pdf
Work type:Scientific work (r2)
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Abstract:The attempt to find an alternative coating for corrosion protection of Al- alloys was made. PVD coatings are one of the possible alternatives for replacement of ecological unfriendly chromate coatings. Chromium-nitride (Cr-N) and Ni/Cr-N coatings were sputtered on aluminium substrates (AA7075 and cladded AA2024). Surface and sub-surface characterizations were performed by AFM and SEM. Special attention was given to defects incorporated into coatings, since they play important role in the corrosion protection of the coating/substrate systems. The cross-sections through the typical defects were performed by ion beam milling incorporated into the SEM. The Vickers hardness of the Cr-N with and without layer of Ni on both substrates was determined. After the coatings deposition, the values of Vickers hardness (10 mN load) increase for 10 to 100-fold compared to the substrates. The corrosion behaviour of Cr-N and Ni/Cr-N thin films was investigated in near neutral 0.1 M solution of NaCl using potentiodynamics electrochemical measurement. Cr-N and Ni/Cr-N coatings shift the corrosion potentials to more positive values. The best corrosion resistance among the tested coating/substrate systems were found for Ni/Cr-N on AA7075 substrate.
Keywords:Al-alloys, corrosion properties, CrN films, FIB, PVD coatings
Year of publishing:2011
Number of pages:str. 593-597
Numbering:št. 6, Letn. 45
ISSN on article:1580-2949
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Record is a part of a journal

Title:Materiali in tehnologije
Shortened title:Mater. tehnol.
Publisher:Inštitut za kovinske materiale in tehnologije
COBISS.SI-ID:106193664 New window

Document is financed by a project

Funder:ARRS - Agencija za raziskovalno dejavnost Republike Slovenije (ARRS)
Project no.:L2-9189
Name:PVD trde prevleke kot alternativa za korozijsko zaščito Fe in Al zlitin

Secondary language

Title:Morfologija in korozijske lastnosti CrN PVD-prevlek, nanesenih na aluminijeve zlitine
Abstract:Ena od možnih alternativ za zamenjavo ekološko neprijaznih kromatnih prevlek na aluminijevih zlitinah so PVD-prevleke. V prispevku opisujemo pripravo in karakterizacijo prevlek Cr-N in Ni/Cr-N na aluminijeve podlage (AA7075 in AA2024). Površinsko in podpovršinsko karakterizacijo CrN-prevlek smo izvedli z vrstično elektronsko mikroskopijo (SEM) in mikroskopom na atomsko silo (AFM). Posebna pozornost je bila namenjena karakterizaciji defektov v prevlekah, saj igrajo pomembno vlogo pri korozijski zaščiti sistema prevleka/podlaga. Defekte smo karakterizirali z vrstičnim mikroskopom (SEM), ki je dodatno opremljen s fokusiranim ionskim curkom (FIB) za odstranjevanje materiala. Določili smo trdoto prevlek po Vickersu na obeh vrstah aluminijevih podlag. Korozijske lastnosti prevlek smo merili v 0,1 M raztopini NaCl s potenciodinamskimi krivuljami. Cr-N- in Ni/Cr-N-prevleke premaknejo korozijski potencial proti pozitivnim vrednostim. Zaščita aluminijevih zlitin je boljša z dvojno prevleko Ni/CrN kot samo s prevleko CrN.
Keywords:aluminijeve zlitine, korozija, PVD-prevleke


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