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Title:Multivariate data analysis of natural mineral waters
Authors:ID Šnuderl, Katja (Author)
ID Simonič, Marjana (Author)
ID Mocak, Jan (Author)
ID Brodnjak-Vončina, Darinka (Author)
Files:.pdf Acta_Chimica_Slovenica_2007_Snuderl_et_al._Multivariate_data_analysis_of_natural_mineral_waters.pdf (118,44 KB)
MD5: 5C6822EC348A1A04000D1A85B5D66D91
URL http://acta-arhiv.chem-soc.si/54/54-1-33.pdf
Work type:Scientific work
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FKKT - Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Abstract:Fifty samples of natural mineral waters from springs in Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic and further countries of former Yugoslavia have been analysed. The mass concentration of cations ($Na^+$, $K^+$, $Ca^{2+}$, $Mg^{2+}$, $Fe^{2+}$, $Mn^{2+}$, $NH^+_4$) and anions ($F^-$, $Cl^-$, $I^-$, $NO^-_3$, $SO_4^{2-}$, $HCO_3^-$), the spring temperature, pH, conductivity and carbon dioxide mass concentration have been measured using standard analytical methods. Appropriate statistical methods and different chemometric tools were used to evaluate the obtained data, namely, (i) descriptive statistics, (ii) principal component analysis (PCA), (iii) cluster analysis, and (iv) linear discriminant analysis (LDA). It was confirmed that Slovenian natural mineral water samples differ most from the German ones but are relatively similar to the Czech and Hungarian ones. Water samples from Hungary are similar to waters from the eastern part of Slovenia.
Keywords:natural mineral water, ion determination, principal component analysis, cluster analysis, linear discriminant analysis
Publication status:Published
Publication version:Version of Record
Year of publishing:2007
Number of pages:str. 33-39
Numbering:Letn. 54, št. 1
PID:20.500.12556/DKUM-56064 New window
ISSN on article:1318-0207
COBISS.SI-ID:11161622 New window
Publication date in DKUM:21.12.2015
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Record is a part of a journal

Title:Acta Chimica Slovenica
Shortened title:Acta Chim. Slov.
Publisher:Slovensko kemijsko društvo
COBISS.SI-ID:14086149 New window


License:CC BY 4.0, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Description:This is the standard Creative Commons license that gives others maximum freedom to do what they want with the work as long as they credit the author.
Licensing start date:21.12.2015

Secondary language

Abstract:Analizirali smo petdeset vzorcev naravne mineralne vode iz izvirov v Sloveniji, na Madžarskem, v Nemčiji, Češki republiki in državah bivše Jugoslavije. Masne koncentracije kationov ($Na^+$, $K^+$, $Ca^{2+}$, $Mg^{2+}$, $Fe^{2+}$, $Mn^{2+}$, $NH^+_4$) in anionov ($F^-$, $Cl^-$, $I^-$, $NO^-_3$, $SO_4^{2-}$, $HCO_3^-$), temperaturo izvira, pH, prevodnost in masno koncentracijo ogljikovega dioksida smo določili z uporabo standardnih analiznih metod. Uporabili smo primerne statistične in kemometrijske metode za evalvacijo podatkov: (i) opisno statistiko, (ii) analizo glavnih komponent (PCA), (iii) analizo klastrov in (iv) linearno diskriminantno analizo (LDA). Potrdili smo, da se slovenske mineralne vode razlikujejo predvsem od nemških in da so sorazmerno podobne češkim in madžarskim. Vzorci vode iz Madžarske so podobni tistim iz vzhodne Slovenije.
Keywords:naravne mineralne vode, določevanje ionov, metoda glavnih osi, analiza grup, linearna diskriminantna analiza


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