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Title:Vloga metodologije managementa vrednosti v projektu razvoja inovativnega kuhinjskega aparata
Authors:Pušnik, Domen (Author)
Palčič, Iztok (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
Vrečko, Igor (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
Files:.pdf UNI_Pusnik_Domen_2014.pdf (2,76 MB)
MD5: 079F446C2503BDB9BA2219BF009328DE
Work type:Bachelor thesis/paper (mb11)
Typology:2.11 - Undergraduate Thesis
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Abstract:V diplomski nalogi bomo obravnavali vlogo metodologije managmenta v projektu razvoja novega izdelka, opisali proces izvajanja le-te in opredelili povezavo vključevanja metodologije v celoten življenjski cikel projekta.
Keywords:management vrednosti, vrednostna analiza, razvoj izdelkov, product development project, PIP
Year of publishing:2015
Publisher:[D. Pušnik]
COBISS_ID:19378198 New window
Categories:KTFMB - FS
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Title:The role of value management methodology in kitchen appliance development project
Abstract:This diploma paper deals with the role of management methodology in a new product development project. In this diploma paper we will describe its implementation process and define the connection between the methodology and its integration into the entire life cycle of the project.
Keywords:value management, value analysis, product development, product development project, PIP


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