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Title:Oskrba dihalne poti v prehospitalnem okolju
Authors:Vaupotič, Matjaž (Author)
Koželj, Anton (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
Files:.pdf VS_Vaupotic_Matjaz_2013.pdf (1,29 MB)
Work type:Bachelor thesis/paper (mb11)
Typology:2.11 - Undergraduate Thesis
Organization:FZV - Faculty of Health Sciences
Abstract:Dihanje je osnovna funkcija vsakega živega bitja. Pogoj za normalno dihanje je prosta dihalna pot, kadar pa je ta ogrožena je oskrba dihalne poti prvi in najbolj nujen ukrep pri vitalno ogroženem pacientu ali poškodovancu. Neuspešna sprostitev dihalne poti vodi v hipoksijo in posledično smrt. Namen diplomskega dela je s pregledom domače in tuje literature predstaviti pomen učinkovite oskrbe dihalne poti in predstaviti, ter opisati metode in pripomočke za oskrbo dihalne poti. V diplomskem delu smo predstavili anatomijo dihalne poti, kako prepoznati ogroženo dihalno pot, enostavne postopke in pripomočke za oskrbo dihalne poti, supraglotične pripomočke, endotrahealno intubacijo, ukrepe pri težavni oskrbi dihalne poti, ter oskrbo pacienta na umetni ventilaciji. Opisali smo vlogo medicinske sestre pri oskrbi dihalne poti v prehospitalnem okolju, katere postopke lahko izvaja samostojno in pri katerih nudi asistenco. Poudarili smo tudi pomen izobraževanja za medicinske sestre in opozoriti na neurejene kompetence v nujni medicinski pomoči.
Keywords:oskrba dihalne poti, medicinska sestra, endotrahealna intubacija, pripomočki za oskrbo dihalne poti, vitalno ogrožen pacient, umetna ventilacija
Year of publishing:2013
Publisher:[M. Vaupotič]
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Secondary language

Title:Airway management in pre-hospital environment
Abstract:Breathing is the basic function of every living creature. Condition for normal breathing is a free airway, but when it is compromised, the first and most necessary step in vitally threatened or injured patient is its care. An unsuccessful release of airway leads to hypoxia or even resulting in death. The aim of the diploma thesis was to emphasize the importance of effective airway management and to outline and describe the methods and devices for the care of the respiratory tract. Present diploma thesis also shed some light on the airway anatomy, identification of compromised airway, simple procedures and devices for respiratory care, supraglottic devices, endotracheal intubation, measures for difficult airway management, and care of the patient that is on mechanical ventilation. Furthermore, we described the role of nurses in airway management in pre-hospital environment, which procedures can she perform independently and when she only offers assistance. We also stressed the importance of education for nurses and pointed out the disordered competences in emergency medical service.
Keywords:airway management, nurse, endotracheal intubation, devices for airway management, vitally compromised patient, mechanical ventilation


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