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Title:Possible consequence of student's relationship to parents and to school
Authors:Fošnarič, Samo (Author)
Milivojević Krajnčič, Antonija (Author)
Files:URL http://hrcak.srce.hr/index.php?show=clanak&id_clanak_jezik=63878
Work type:Unknown ()
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FF - Faculty of Arts
Abstract:This research work is dealing with the different behaviour of the young, adolescent people and their perception of the relationship with their parents and their attitude towards school in the time of their early adolescence. Research work is answering the questions connected with the relationship with the parents, attitude towards school as well as the behaviour deviation of adolescents (youth). The research is based on claim that teenager's relationship with his mother and father have an important influence on his/her behavior, especially on the conflicts with the environment. Opačič (1995) argues that the relationship between parents, the environment and the teenagers is not so important. Therefore, we were interested in teenagers' attitudes towards their relationships that they have with their parents. The following dimensions of a relationship were emphasized (observed in greater detail): control, punishment, intimacy and carelessness on the side of the parents. Through those dimensions we could show the teenager's comprehension of the relationship they have with their parents and/or mother and father's comprehension of the relationship in the early phase of adolescence. He stresses (emphasizes) their attitude (perception of) towards such relationships. Some quantity research procedures are used in this research work. There are four different non-standardized questionnaires: The frequency of the behaviour deviation, A relationship with a mother, A relationship with a father, A conflict situations with parents connected with different conversation themes, An attitude towards school. The study relies on descriptive and causal-non-experimental methods of empirical pedagogical research. The research includes an accidental sample of the pupils attending 7th and 9th class of the Primary school in Maribor in the school year 2007 (n=300).
Keywords:education, pedagogy, adolescents, personal development
Year of publishing:2009
ISSN on article:1330-0067
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Shortened title:Informatologia
Publisher:Institut informacijskih znanosti
COBISS.SI-ID:12492805 New window

Secondary language

Title:Moguće posljedice odnosa učenika prema roditeljima i školi
Abstract:U radu želimo razjasniti aspekt uključivanja računalne tehnologije u odgojno-obrazovni okoliš, kod kojeg je u prvom planu ergonomski vidik ovog procesa. Na osnovi sinteze pojedinih spoznaja na području ergonomskih istraživanja upotrebe računala izradili smo model ergonomskog ukjučivanja računala u školu i istodobno iznijeli neka područja, koja bi trebalo u budućnosti nadograđivati. U radu prikazujemo pregled najnovijih istraživačkih spoznaja na području opreme računalne učionice, kvalitete računalne opreme za obrazovne svrhe, ergonomske upotrebe računala i ergonomskog oblikovanja računalnih obrazovnih programa.
Keywords:vzgoja in izobraževanje, pedagogika, družina, osebnostni razvoj, najstniki, odnosi


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