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Title:MINLP synthesis of reactor networks in overall process schemes based on a concept of time-dependent economic regions
Authors:Iršič Bedenik, Nataša (Author)
Ropotar, Marcel (Author)
Kravanja, Zdravko (Author)
Files:URL http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.compchemeng.2006.10.007
Work type:Unknown ()
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FKKT - Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Abstract:The design and optimization of reactor networks using the conventional conceptof attainable region is based on technological (conversion, selectivity, etc.), rather than, economical criteria (cost, profit, etc.). The solution from the economical point of view when the operating and investment costs cannot be neglected may not be optimal, not even in regard to the structure. In order to circumvent this deficiency, the conventional Concentration Attainable Region (CAR) is transformed into an Economic Region (ER) using economic optimization criteria. A novel concept for ER constructionis proposed for multi-D problems. One-parametric NLP or MINLP optimizations with reactor volume as a varying parameter are performed to construct trajectories in the ER. In this way the ER is aided by mathematical programming for 3D or more D problems in order to handle dimensions higher than 2 as degrees of freedom for the economic objective function. ER is attainable (EAR) only when the economic objective function is linear. The more the objective function is discontinuous, discrete, nonlinear and non-convex and the more its cost coefficients vary with time, the less the principles of AR can be applied to ER. However, economically optimal reactor systems always lie at the borders of ERs. Two important insights have been gained during the construction of different time-dependent ERs, which have been used in upgrading the MINLP approach to the synthesis of reactor networks in overall process schemes: (i) A reactor network superstructure has been reestablished based on economical optimization criteria and the principles of ER. (ii) Over a longer period, the performing of a stochastic multi-period MINLP synthesis is recommended, in order to consider the time variability and uncertainties of economic parameters. A special multi-period strategy is proposed to upgrade the efficiency of the MINLP synthesis.
Keywords:concentration attainable region, economic attainable region, discrete nonlinear region, MINLP
Year of publishing:2007
ISSN on article:0098-1354
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Title:Computers & chemical engineering
Shortened title:Comput. chem. eng.
Publisher:Pergamon Press
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Keywords:koncentracijsko dosegljivo območje, ekonomsko dosegljivo območje, ekonomsko diskretno nelinearno območje, sinteza reakcijskih omrežij, MINLP


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