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Title:Flax fibres sorption properties influenced by different pretreatment processes
Authors:Kreže, Tatjana (Author)
Iskrač, Severina (Author)
Sfiligoj-Smole, Majda (Author)
Stana-Kleinschek, Karin (Author)
Strnad, Simona (Author)
Fakin, Darinka (Author)
Files:URL http://dx.doi.org/10.1300/J395v02n03_03
Work type:Unknown ()
Typology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Abstract:The sorption behavior of raw and treated flax fibers was investigated. This paper presents the effect of conventional pretreatment processes (alkaline, acid) in comparison to environment-friendly enzymatic processes on the sorption ability of flax fibers. Weight-loss, moisture sorption, water retention value and contact angle were determined in order to interpret the pretreatment results. In addition, the influence of the process on the fibers' mechanical properties was studied. The ecological parameters of the treatment wastewaters were analyzed.
Keywords:textile fibres, flax, flax fibre properties, pretreatments, sorption properties, mechanical properties, ecological parameters
Year of publishing:2005
ISSN on article:1544-0478
COBISS_ID:10215702 New window
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Title:Journal of natural fibers
Publisher:#The #Haworth Press
COBISS.SI-ID:1453680 New window

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Keywords:tekstilna vlakna, lan, lastnosti lanenih vlaken, predobdelava, sorpcijske lastnosti, mehanske lastnosti, ekološki parametri


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