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Title:Hygiene monitoring systems for hospital textile laundering
Authors:Fijan, Sabina (Author)
Šostar-Turk, Sonja (Author)
Files:URL http://www.hospitalhealthcare.com/default.asp?title=Hygienemonitoringsystemsforhospitaltextilelaundering&page=article.display&article.id=8682
Work type:Unknown ()
Typology:1.04 - Professional Article
Organization:FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Abstract:The main aim of washing laundry is to remove soils and microorganisms from infected and dirty textiles and achieve clean, fresh and disinfected textiles ready for use. Textiles undergo laundering processes, which include: soil removal with special laundering agents; bleaching; disinfecting; and finally neutralising and rinsing. Because textiles from hospitals may contain many kinds of pathogenic -bacteria, fungi and viruses, it is essential that the laundering process has not only a cleaning effect but also an antimicrobial one. Since users of hospital textiles are often patients with a weakened immune -system, it is recommended that best practice and common sense be employed when washing and -disinfecting hospital textiles. Most people assume that the laundry returned to them is in fact clean and, therefore, safe. Experience encourages all infection control teams to take laundering very seriously. (1-15) Inappropriately disinfected textiles are one of the possible sources of nosocomial infections for patients. There are reports of hospital textiles being the source of nosocomial infection with streptococci, enterococci, Bacillus cereus, staphylococci and coliforms.(5-9) There are some documented cases where staff in hospital wards and laundries have been infected with scabies, fungi, salmonellas, gastroenteritis viruses, hepatitis A viruses and coxiellas after treating dirty laundry.
Keywords:textile care, hospital laundry, laundry hygiene, micro-organisms, washing quality parameters, sanitary microbiological parameters, hospital-acquired disease prevention, sanitary measures
Year of publishing:2007
ISSN on article:1479-1927
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Title:Hospital healthcare Europe
Shortened title:Hosp. healthc. Eur.
Publisher:Campden Publishing.
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Keywords:nega tekstilij, bolnišnično perilo, higiena pralnic, mikroorganizmi, kakovostni parametri pranja, sanitarno-mikrobiološki parametri


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