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Naslov:Journal of energy technology : JET
Avtorji:ID Avsec, Jurij, Fakulteta za energetiko Univerze v Mariboru (Glavni in odgovorni urednik)
ID Cvikl, Bruno, Fakulteta za energetiko Univerze v Mariboru (Urednik)
ID Hadžiselimović, Miralem, Fakulteta za energetiko Univerze v Mariboru (Urednik)
ID Hren, Gorazd, Fakulteta za energetiko Univerze v Mariboru (Urednik)
ID Praunseis, Zdravko, Fakulteta za energetiko Univerze v Mariboru (Urednik)
ID Seme, Sebastijan, Fakulteta za energetiko Univerze v Mariboru (Urednik)
ID Štumberger, Bojan, Fakulteta za energetiko Univerze v Mariboru (Urednik)
ID Usenik, Janez, Fakulteta za energetiko Univerze v Mariboru (Urednik)
ID Virtič, Peter, Fakulteta za energetiko Univerze v Mariboru (Urednik)
ID Žagar, Ivan, Fakulteta za energetiko Univerze v Mariboru (Urednik)
ID Novak, Sonja, Fakulteta za energetiko Univerze v Mariboru (Tehnični urednik)
Datoteke:URL https://www.fe.um.si/jet.html
Jezik:Angleški jezik
Vrsta gradiva:Revija
Organizacija:FE - Fakulteta za energetiko
Opis:Journal of Energy Technology is a scientific and professional journal in the field of energy and energy technologies. The first issue of Journal of Energy Technology was launched in November 2008. The founder of the journal is University of Maribor, Faculty of Energy Technology. The journal is intended for domestic and foreign scientific, technical and general public. With the aim of increasing the recognition of the journal, the articles in journal are mainly in English. The journal is issued quarterly in both printed and electronic form.
Ključne besede:scientific journals, energy technology
Status publikacije:Objavljeno
Verzija publikacije:Objavljena publikacija
Založnik:Fakulteta za energetiko Univerze v Mariboru
Leto izida:2008
PID:20.500.12556/DKUM-23962 Novo okno
COBISS.SI-ID:243311360 Novo okno
Avtorske pravice:Fakulteta za energetiko Univerze v Mariboru
Datum objave v DKUM:28.05.2012
Število ogledov:1550
Število prenosov:42
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Vaša ocena:Ocenjevanje je dovoljeno samo prijavljenim uporabnikom.
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Sekundarni jezik

Jezik:Slovenski jezik
Naslov:Journal of energy technology : JET
Opis:Revija Journal of Energy Technology je začela izhajati novembra leta 2008. Zasnovana je kot znanstveno-strokovna revija na področju energetike in energetskih tehnologij. Njen ustanovitelj je Univerza v Mariboru, Fakulteta za energetiko. Revija je namenjena domači in tuji znanstveni, strokovni in splošni javnosti. S ciljem večje prepoznavnosti in odmevnosti revije so v reviji članki pretežno v angleškem jeziku. Revija izhaja četrtletno v tiskani in elektronski obliki.
Ključne besede:znanstvene revije, energetika, energetske tehnologije


To gradivo je zbirka, ki zajema naslednja gradiva:
  1. Analysis of revitalisation model behaviour for thermal power plants in different geographical areas
  2. Design of wFoil 18 Albatross with hydrogen technologies
  3. Generalised fuzzy linear programming
  4. The impact of plug-in hybrid vehicles in low-voltage distribution systems using a Monte Carlo simulation
  5. Assessment of human exposure to electric and magnetic fields near transmission lines using FEMM
  6. Method of the best available technology and low carbon future of a combined heat and power plant
  7. Reducing carbon footprint in an oem supply chain caused by inadequate interpretation of x-ray results of hidden defects in ductile iron castings
  8. Hamiltonicity of certain cartesian products of graphs
  9. Analysis of the influence of parameters when charging and discharging a capacitor using differential equations
  10. Hydrogen production using a thermochemical cycle
  11. Overview of GNSS systems and their operation
  12. Prediction of cavitation and particle erosion in a radial divergent test section
  13. Measurement device for testing printed circuit board assemblies coming off the production line
  14. The use of differential evolution to determine maximum generation and load values in the distribution network
  15. A company’s carbon footprint and sustainable development
  16. Use of active elements for providing suitable voltage profiles and prevent overloads in radial distribution networks
  17. RFCS project methenergy+ methane recovery and harnessing for energy and chemical uses at coal mine sites
  18. Energo-economics payback investment calculation modelling of gas-steam combined cycle power plant
  19. Energy source replacement in a thermal power plant
  20. Energy analysis of hydrogen use in road transport of the Republic of Croatia
  21. Monitoring and assessment mechanism of just energy transition trajectories
  22. New technique to evaluate the overall heat loss coefficient for a flat plate solar collector
  23. Towards forty years of Krško NPP operation
  24. Comparison of cavitation models for the prediction of cavitation around a hydrofoil
  25. Modelling of magnetic regenerator and heat transfer agent in microchannels
  26. 3D coupled electromagneticthermal analysis of a hybrid electromagnetic system with magnetic flux modulation
  27. Static model of temperature distribution in a photovoltaic module
  28. A study of particulate and gase-ous emissions of a damaged tubu-lar combustion chamber in a pellet stove
  29. Determination of produced and consumed electricity of a residential building using a graphical user interface
  30. Geometry design and analysis of an electric bus for the interior ther-mal modelling
  31. Experimental verification of the numerically determined parameters for the non-linear two-axis model of a synchronous motor with interior permanent magnets
  32. HRSG system description and water-steam analysis at the HRSG cold start-up
  33. Designing an electromechanical generator for energy harvesting
  34. Methodology of immersive video application
  35. Frost protection measures
  36. Transient circuit simulation of arc-free current breaking by resistance rise
  37. Quality assessment of single-pass corner steel welded joints
  38. Limestone purity as the decisive factor for its consumption in the flue gas desulphurisation process
  39. Measurements of the characteristics of an electric motor for an electric vehicle's drive
  40. Comparative analysis of synchronous motors
  41. The influence of delta ferrite on the quality assessment of austenitic stainless steel welds for the production of ovens
  42. Impacts of zero-emission powertrains based on hydrogen technologies in public transport
  43. A simplified hybrid methodology for designing coreless axial flux machines
  44. Improving decentralized economic growth and reducing energy consumption in the European Union with the application of ecologically oriented innovations
  45. The properties of the material gadolinium and the working agent used in the installation of magnetic refrigeration devices
  46. Reversible pump-turbines - a study of pumping mode off-design conditions
  47. A review of the use of Rankine cycle systems for hydrogen production
  48. Multi-purpose use and lifecycle analysis of solar panels
  49. Fuzzy model for estimating the risk of infection by Covid-19
  50. Design influenced by the effect of filter selection on the appraiser variation of the measuring results of a 3D optical measuring system
  51. A regenerator used in the installation of magnetic refrigeration devices
  52. Innovative gasification technology for the circular economy
  53. Production of artificial cold for industry, based on the magnetocaloric effect
  54. Cost-benefit analysis of frost protection methods
  55. Analysis and efficiency of a gadolinium magnetocaloric material plate
  56. Analysis of combustible fractions in mixed municipal waste and packaging and calculation of energy value
  57. Energy indicators and topics in food supply chains' life cycle assessment
  58. Pantograph driven with a linear induction motor with adaptive fuzzy control
  59. Analysis of pipeline vibration
  60. Integration of Talum's roll-bond heat exchanger for different applications
  61. Thermal analysis and application of roll bond solar absorbers for heating and cooling in residential buildings
  62. Lift and drag coefficients for different magnus rotor types
  63. An analysis of the responsibility for zero waste
  64. Urban greening as a cooling tool towards the heat island effect
  65. PSpice simulations for single-phase rectifiers for testing DC fuses
  66. Electric and magnetic field measurements for high voltage transmission lines
  67. Response surface method-based optimization of outer rotor permanent magnet synchronous motor
  68. Influence of rotor structure on cogging torque in a surface-mounted PM-generator
  69. An alternative method of increasing the transmission performance of a conventional 110 kV cable line
  70. Challenges in the EMC standardization of wireless power transfer systems
  71. Assessment of the operating characteristics of brushless dc motors
  72. Power line magnetic field deviations for three different definitions of current unbalance
  73. Fracture toughness of HSLA welds made on penstock material
  74. A review of hybrid photovoltaic/thermal systems
  75. The external bias-dependent electric field at hole-injecting electrode/[alpha]-NPD junction and its relationship to Gaussian disordered interface states


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