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Authors:Skledar, Mateja (Author)
Družovec, Marjan (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
Files:.pdf UNI_Skledar_Mateja_2011.pdf (3,78 MB)
Work type:Bachelor thesis/paper (mb11)
Organization:FERI - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Abstract:Modna fotografija je v trenutek ujeta moda. Njen glavni namen je oglaševanje oblačil in lepotnih izdelkov. Je ustvarjanje vzdušja, momenta in stila. Modna fotografija je glamurozna, profesionalna in zahteva visoke standarde. Za delo z njo moramo razumeti modo, tako kot moramo razumeti svetlobo pri delu s fotografijo. Svetloba je že v splošnem bistvo vsake fotografije, njen sestavni del, brez nje ni fotografije. Tako je nuja za delo v fotografiji, da jo razumemo, poznamo njen učinek in jo znamo kontrolirati. Osrednja tema diplomske naloge je delo s svetlobo v modni fotografiji. Diplomsko delo je sestavljeno tako iz teoretičnega dela kot tudi praktičnega. Sprva je predstavljena teorija, ki je potrebna za poznavanje dela s svetlobo v modni fotografiji. Opisana je oprema za delo s svetlobo ter njeni učinki. Razloženi so različni načini osvetlitve, ki so pogosti v modni fotografiji. V praktičnem delu sta predstavljena dva projekta z izdelanimi fotografijami. Prvi zajema delo s svetlobo v studiu, drugi delo s svetlobo na terenu. Primeri so podkrepljeni s fotografijami, priloženi so diagrami osvetlitve in potek dela.
Keywords:svetloba, modna fotografija, moda, bliskavica, odbojnik, osvetlitveni stili
Year of publishing:30
Publisher:[M. Skledar]
COBISS_ID:15370518 Link is opened in a new window
Categories:KTFMB - FERI
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Secondary language

Abstract:Fashion photography is fashion caught in a moment. Its main purpose is to advertise cloths and beauty products. It is about capturing atmosphere, moment and style. Fashion photography it is glamorous, professional and requires high standards. To work with it, we need to understand fashion, as we need to understand light to work with photography. Light it is in general the essence of photography, her constituent part, without her there is no photography. It is necessity to work in photography, that we understand it, know its impact and we know how to control it. The main topic of a dissertation is work with light in fashion photography. It consist theoretical part as well as practical. First is introduced theory, which is needed, to understand the work with lightning in fashion photography. Described is equipment for work with light, and her impacts. Different and frequent manners of lighting. In practical part we introduce two projects with pictures. First is capturing work with light in studio, second, work with light outside. Examples are supported with photographs, diagrams of lightning and workflow.
Keywords:light, fashion photography, fashion, flash, reflector, lightning style


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