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Title:Vpliv tlaka v pnevmatikah na zdrs koles in porabo goriva pri oranju
Authors:Kacijan, Alen (Author)
Stajnko, Denis (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
Files:.pdf VS_Kacijan_Alen_2010.pdf (9,15 MB)
Work type:Undergraduate thesis (m5)
Organization:FKBV - Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Abstract:Pri oranju tal prihaja pri prenosu sile s traktorja na podlago do določenega zdrsa pogonskih koles, ki ga ne moremo popolnoma izničiti, želimo pa, da bi bil čim manjši. V diplomskem delu smo proučevali vpliv tlaka zraka v pnevmatikah na zdrs pogonskih koles in porabo goriva pri oranju s traktorjem Deutz Fahr K100, pri tlaku v pnevmatikah od 0,8 do 2,4 bara. Pogonska kolesa imajo najmanjši zdrs pri oranju s tlakom 0,8 bara, zato smo pri tem tlaku tudi izmerili najnižjo porabo goriva, 21,875 l/ha preorane površine. Pri oranju s tlakom 1,2 bara je zdrs koles znašal 15,63 % in poraba goriva 22,239 litrov na hektar preorane površine, pri tlaku 1,6 bara zdrs 19,73 % in poraba 23,697 l/ha, pri tlaku 2,0 bara zdrs 21,21 % in poraba 23,854 l/ha ter pri tlaku 2,4 bara zdrs 24,32 % in poraba 25,781 l/ha preorane površine. Glede na izmerjen zdrs pogonskih koles in porabo goriva, je pri oranju najprimernejši tlak zraka v pnevmatikah 0,8 bara.
Keywords:traktor, gorivo, zdrs, oranje, plug, tlak, pnevmatike
Year of publishing:2010
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Title:The effect of pressure in tyres on the sleep and fuel consumation during ploughing.
Abstract:The transmission of force from the tractor to the soil when plowing leads to the loss of traction of the drive weels. The effect cannot be completely eliminated, but it can be significantly reduced. In this thesis we have studied the impact of air pressure in tires on the drive wheels to the slip and fuel consumption during plowing with a tractor Deutz Fahr K100. We studied the slip and fuel consumption at tire pressures from 0.8 bar to 2.4 bar. Measurements as well as the calculations revealed that the drive wheels have the smallest slip (14.16 %) at tire pressure of 0.8 bar, which also resulted in the minimal fuel consumption of 21.875 l/ha of plowed surface. At the pressure of 1.2 bar the slip was 15.63 % and the fuel consumption 22.239 l/ha, at pressure 1.6 bar the slip was 19.73 % and fuel consumption 23.697 l/ha, at pressure 2.0 bar the slip was 21.21 % and the fuel consumption 23.854 l/ha and at the air pressure 2.4 bar the slip was 24.32 % and the fuel consumption 25.78 l/ha of plowed surface. We found that the most appropriate pressure in tires of drive wheels was 0.8 bar when the slip and the fuel consumption measurements at different tire pressure was researched.
Keywords:tractor, fuel, slip, plowing, plow, pressure, tire


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