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Pebax©/Polyethlylene glycol blend thin film composite membranes for CO2 separation : performance with mixed gases
Anja Car, Črtomir Stropnik, Wilfredo Yave, Klaus-Viktor Peinemann, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: The paper describes the performance of Pebax©/Polyethylene glycol (PEG) blend thin film composite membranes for CO2 separation from gas mixtures containing H2, N2 and CH4. Membranes were tested at different conditions; temperature andpressure dependence of gas flux and selectivity were explored. The temperature dependence was correlated with the Arrhenius equation to determinethe activation energy of single gas permeation. Single and mixed gas permeation was measured for different pressures at 293K up to 20 bar. Improvedpermeabilities and CO2/H2 selectivities were obtained in the newly developed composite membranes.
Keywords: chemical processing, membranes, membrane separation, CO2, Pebax, thin film composite membranes, gas separation
Published in DKUM: 01.06.2012; Views: 1752; Downloads: 30
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