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The use of genetic information in the implementation of insurance
Vladimir Nikiforov, Ekaterina Suvorova, Sergey Zenin, 2020, original scientific article

Abstract: Increasing the efficiency of risk assessment for the purposes of personal insurance is impossible without using the latest achievements of modern science. This translates into a growing interest in the use of genetic research results by insurers, which manifests itself not only in legislation and insurers' practices, but also in international recommendations on personal medical data processing for insurance purposes. Based on analysis of foreign practices, the authors determine priority areas of respective legislation development, in particular, legislative recognition of a ban on insurers' access to genetic data in the context of obligatory medical insurance and group insurance programs; granting insurers the right to use genetic testing results for the purposes of life insurance, personal accident and sickness insurance, voluntary medical insurance, if the sum insured exceeds a statutory threshold.
Keywords: personal insurance, genetic testing, epigenetic changes, legislation, diagnostic tests, prognostic tests
Published: 15.01.2021; Views: 65; Downloads: 6
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Measurement and interpretation of the small strain stifness of Boštanj silty sand
Gregor Vilhar, Vojkan Jovičić, 2009, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper presents measurements, and an interpretation of these measurements, based on the use of bender-element probes for Boštanj silty sand. The samples were prepared at different initial void ratios and isotropically compressed up to 5 MPa. The bender-element technique was used to determine the dynamic shear modulus ($G_0$) of the soils at very small strains. The multiple bender-element probes were shot at different excitation frequencies in order to increase the reliability of the measurements. The $G_0$ stiffness was determined by using three different techniques: a) the first-time arrival, b) the phase-change method and c) the cross-correlation method. The systematic differences observed between the $G_0$ values, calculated using the three techniques, are discussed. The variation of $G_0$ in the log$G_0$ - log$p'$ plane was evaluated for the Boštanj silty sand and compared with other sands.
Keywords: silty sand, triaxial testing, small strain stiffness, bender elements, time-domain and frequency-domain, measurements
Published: 06.06.2018; Views: 513; Downloads: 38
.pdf Full text (706,26 KB)
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Influence of $K_0$ on the creep properties of marl
Zvonko Tomanović, 2009, original scientific article

Abstract: The influence of the stress state on the deformation response of a rock mass has been experimentally examined on uniaxial, bi-axial and three-axial specimens of marl at short loading and in creep tests for periods of 3 to 180 days. The lateral (horizontal) pressure significantly changes the deformation behaviour of both the initial deformations induced by the stress change and creep deformations. The influence of lateral pressure on the vertical deformation can be well approximated by a linear function.
Keywords: creep, soft rock, marl, rheological model, lateral stress, laboratory testing
Published: 06.06.2018; Views: 423; Downloads: 43
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The influence of porosity on geomechanical characteristics of snail soil in the Ljubljana Marsh
Bojan Žlender, Ludvik Trauner, 2006, original scientific article

Abstract: This article focusses on mineralogical and physical characteristics of snail soil and their influence on parameter values of geomechanical characteristics.Snail soil, which got its name from fossil remains, is a typical layer observed in the Ljubljana marsh. It is distincltly porous, saturated and in a liquid consistency state. Snail soil was investigated for mineralogical and physical characteristics in the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University in Maribor. Mineral and chemical composition, visual appearance, specific surface and grain property were determined. Physical characyteristics show that snail soil is saturated in nature, highly porous and almost liquid. Geomechanical characteristics were investigated for their interdependency on physical characteristics. A series of triaxial tests were performed on snail soil samples of different porosity, density and water content. Cylindrical samples of the height of 100 mm and the diameter of 50 mm were tested using three-axial testing apparatus. The results of the tests show that interdependency exists between geomechanical characteristics and porosity. These relationships can be expressed as functions of density, porosity or water content. It is evident from the results that changes of the coefficient of permeability, the coefficient of consolidation, and the coefficient of volume compressibility are nonlinear with respect to changes in porosity. Changes of mechanical parameters, such as Young`s modulus, Poisson`s ratio andfriction angle are indistinct and almost linear at lower changes of porosity.
Keywords: geomechanics, properties of soils, snail soil, triaxial testing, porosity, permeability, consolidation, Young`s modulus, Poisson`s ratio, shear angle
Published: 17.05.2018; Views: 660; Downloads: 40
.pdf Full text (486,06 KB)
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Ground-sourced energy wells for heating and cooling of buildings
Heinz Brandl, Dietmar Adam, Roman Markiewicz, 2006, original scientific article

Abstract: Energy wells are thermo-active elements for an economical extraction or storage of ground energy, similar to energy piles and other deep foundation elements also used as heat exchangers. Heating and/or cooling of buildings requires a primary and secondary thermo-active circuit, commonly connected by a heat pump. The paper gives several design aspects of energy wells which can be also used for the design of deep energy foundations. Thermal response tests have proved suitable for the in-situ determination of thermal ground properties required for an optimised design. Moreover, different systems of energy wells are discussed, and a comprehensive pilot research project is described.
Keywords: energy wells, energy foundations, geothermal geotechnics, geothermal heating/cooling, thermo-active structures, thermal ground properties, field testing
Published: 17.05.2018; Views: 375; Downloads: 84
.pdf Full text (4,24 MB)
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Development of the testing environment for ultra high frequency receivers
Boris Hrastnik, 2018, master's thesis

Abstract: The thesis describes the development of the test environment for Ultra High Frequency receivers. The proposed test environment replaces the universal, expensive and professional measurement equipment with dedicated computer controlled integrated circuits. For radio frequency modules` testing, all functionalities from the previous test environment are supported, e.g. existing tests, used modulation and coding techniques, as well as the communication package and interference control. The proposed test environment additionally supports more coding techniques and more use cases. While developing, we tended to small dimensions, low price, specifications, functionality and reliability. At first, the previous test environment is presented, as well as its shortcomings and the specifications for the proposed test environment. Further presented are the basic theory and test methods. At the end, we introduce the proposed test environment, its development and operations.
Keywords: testing environment, ultra-high frequency, modulation, radio frequency systems
Published: 15.03.2018; Views: 892; Downloads: 143
.pdf Full text (4,84 MB)

Validation test plan for relays in avtomotive industry
Urban Cotič, 2017, master's thesis

Abstract: The master’s thesis discusses different approaches how to assure the quality and reliability of high voltage contactors in automotive industry. In the beginning, the history of the development is described, followed by basic knowledge about materials and magnetic theory used in relays. The main part of the thesis is tests defying to qualify the relays for usage in automotive industry. There are different tests, divided in different groups. Second important part is reliability prediction according to standards used in this area of business. Reliability prediction and calculation of failure rate on different contactors are described in last chapters. Calculation also included influence of different factors on life span of the parts. In conclusion, the results are commented and proposal for development is given based on results of the research.
Keywords: Automotive industry, high voltage contactors, testing, reliability, failure rate
Published: 07.02.2018; Views: 841; Downloads: 77
.pdf Full text (1,89 MB)

Pomen poznavanja dejanskega stanja hidravličnega olja kot osnova za strateška odločanja
Darko Lovrec, Vito Tič, published scientific conference contribution

Abstract: Običajna hidravlična olja na mineralni osnovi in turbinska olja, katera se uporabljajo na strojih in napravah imajo različno dolgo uporabno dobo. Ta je odvisna od vrste različnih faktorjev: od pravilnega vzdrževanja in uporabljen vrste nadzora in aktivnosti in od skrbne izbire vrste olja. Mehanizmi staranja hidravličnih olj in pa vzroki, zakaj jih je potrebno zamenjati so sicer zelo dobro znani uporabnikom, manj poznano pa je dejstvo, da so med posameznimi vrstami olj velike razlike glede njihove vzdržljivosti, ko so le ta izpostavljena delovnim pogojem stroja. Vsako podaljšanje uporabne dobe hidravličnega ali turbinskega olja ponuja tako finančne kot okoljske prednosti, a predpostavlja poznavanje dejanskega stanja olja. Za namene ocene preostale uporabne dobe olja, je v prispevku predstavljena nova metoda za primerna za on-line nadzor stanja in za testiranje vzdržljivosti oz. oksidacijske odpornosti različnih hidravličnih olj. Rezultati takšnega testiranja uporabniku nudijo možnost strateškega odločanja pri postopku nabave najprimernejšega olja z dolgo uporabno dobo.
Keywords: hydraulic oil, aging, on-line monitoring, testing, strategical decision-making
Published: 10.10.2017; Views: 569; Downloads: 43
.pdf Full text (732,34 KB)

Behavior of metallic foam under shock wave loading
Matej Vesenjak, Matej Borovinšek, Zoran Ren, Seiichi Irie, Shigeru Itoh, 2012, original scientific article

Abstract: In this manuscript, the behavior of metallic foam under impact loading and shock wave propagation has been observed. The goal of this research was to investigate the material and structural properties of submerged open-cell aluminum foam under impact loading conditions with particular interest in shock wave propagation and its effects on cellular material deformation. For this purpose experimental tests and dynamic computational simulations of aluminum foam specimens inside a water tank subjected to explosive charge have been performed. Comparison of the results shows a good correlation between the experimental and simulation results.
Keywords: metal foam, shock wave loading, experimental testing, dynamic simulation
Published: 21.06.2017; Views: 722; Downloads: 321
.pdf Full text (839,46 KB)
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