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Wordplays in the Slovene Subtitles of Seinfeld
Vesna Kodrič, 2016, diplomsko delo

Opis: Translating wordplay presents a considerably difficult task for the translator, especially when restricted with the number of characters and the length of the translation, as it is in subtitling. For a successful translation and transfer of the wordplays into the target language, the translator has to be familiar with the original and target cultures, and has to hit the essence and purpose of wordplays. The aim of wordplay in sitcoms is to create a humorous effect, so the translator (according to many authors) must domesticate them in order to draw closer to the target audience, in our case to the spectators of the show. In this thesis, we present the translation methods that the translator uses for translation and reinterpretation of the wordplays in Seinfeld, and we use them as an aid in the analysis of the examples. The theoretical part presents the translation methods according to Delabastita and focuses on translator's restrictions due to the subtitling standards. The empirical part of the thesis is a comparative analysis of the wordplays of the original and the translation of Miha Pribošič. Wordplays are rarely translated by Slovenian wordplays; the translator often replaced them with some other linguistic means.
Ključne besede: translation of subtitles, subtitling standards, Seinfeld, Seinfeldisms, wordplays, linguistic structure of wordplay, translation methods, Delabastita, humor.
Objavljeno: 22.09.2016; Ogledov: 1304; Prenosov: 79
.pdf Celotno besedilo (967,37 KB)

Language of the North American Pop Culture in the Slovene Subtitle Translation: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Uroš Šprah, 2016, diplomsko delo

Opis: Subtitling is a specific translation activity that demands a particular set of skills and knowledge. Translating for film and television requires the translator to focus on unique features and constraints of subtitles in addition to an already lengthy list of obstacles that have to be overcome when translating for a different culture. This paper discusses various characteristics, standards, and methods of subtitling. The movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is used as an example to showcase the challenges a translator faces, not just technical, but linguistic and cultural as well. I analyze rhetorical devices, culture-specific elements, register, and also give special attention to the colloquial uses of the word like, specifically its function as a quotative and as a pragmatic marker. In these categories I comment on the translation decisions made in the official subtitles for the theatrical release, and in some instances compare them to the solutions employed in the amateur subtitle translation found online. Where no suitable translation is used in either, I provide suggestions that better follow the guidelines of translation and subtitling theories.
Ključne besede: subtitling, rhetorical device, register, culture-specific, colloquialism
Objavljeno: 05.09.2016; Ogledov: 847; Prenosov: 65
.pdf Celotno besedilo (894,09 KB)

Translation of swearwords and vulgarisms in the animated movie South Park
Boštjan Pušnik, 2016, diplomsko delo

Opis: Swearing is a hard to define phenomenon, because the Slovene community lacks any proper research into this interesting topic. Whenever a translator is confronted with swearing expressions he is faced with the dilemma of what exactly to do, because there is no possibility to look up such expressions in a bilingual dictionary. He has to rely on himself and in the process the translation may become a subjective piece of work resulting in a certain deviation from the original. Furthermore, swearwords in movies need to be adequately translated into the target language in the form of subtitles. Our thesis focuses on the translation of swearwords and vulgarisms in the animated movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the perception of swearwords, source of swearwords, their forms in the Slovene and English speaking community and the methods which can be applied when translating such language. The empirical part represents the comparison of swearing in the original dialogs and the Slovene subtitles. We focused on swearing expressions which originate from culturally shared taboos. The discussed vulgarities are: fuck, shit, piss, ass, cock/dick, and religious swearing. The comparison served to determine the suitability of the translation. We achieved this by comparing the connotative and denotative meaning of the original and its translation, and by determining the effects that the intensity of such words and omissions have on the translation.
Ključne besede: swearwords, vulgarisms, translation, subtitling, taboo, South Park
Objavljeno: 20.06.2016; Ogledov: 1717; Prenosov: 178
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,32 MB)

American Football Terminology in Slovenian: Subtitling in the Movie The Longest Yard
Ivana Williams, 2016, diplomsko delo

Opis: This paper discusses the Slovenian terminology for American football through an analysis of the Slovenian subtitles of the 2005 movie The Longest Yard that were acquired from the Slovenian version of the DVD. In light of the fact that American football is a new sport in this culture and its rules are mostly unknown, the paper includes a short description of the game. It presents subtitling as a special type of translation with its restrictions and specific challenges. The analysis of subtitles is not limited to the dialogue that relates to American football but also includes the area of rendering culture-specific elements and figures of speech into adequate text. As sports permeate into everyday life, their terminologies gain new, metaphorical meanings, and the usage of American football terminology in such contexts is briefly discussed in the last chapter.
Ključne besede: American football, American football terminology, subtitling, culture-specific elements, figures of speech
Objavljeno: 20.06.2016; Ogledov: 1025; Prenosov: 99
.pdf Celotno besedilo (469,88 KB)

Goran Gjergjek, 2015, diplomsko delo

Opis: The Graduation thesis Translating American Reality Shows into Slovene - Problems and Solutions presents an analysis of the subtitles of the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I chose this genre because it is very popular nowadays. What is special about reality shows is that the participants speak freely, and that the dialogue is largely not scripted. The focus of this thesis is on the subtitles and the transfer of spoken language in American English into written Slovene language. Subtitling is a form of audio-visual translating. To this category also belongs dubbing, which is not used that much in Slovenia. Subtitling is also "diagonal" translation, which means transforming the spoken source language into the written target language. Translating subtitles is challenging, because of the spatiotemporal, cultural and other limitations. In this thesis, I describe what the translator must consider when translating subtitles with special emphasis on the challenges of subtitling reality TV. I also list the advantages and disadvantages of subtitling in general.
Ključne besede: subtitle, subtitling, diagonal subtitling, reality show
Objavljeno: 07.10.2015; Ogledov: 812; Prenosov: 65
.pdf Celotno besedilo (749,92 KB)

Carmen Astrid Horvat, 2012, diplomsko delo

Opis: Communication and interaction with people of different cultures is nowadays available to anyone. Some cultures are more alike than others, and trying to communicate with people of different cultures can be difficult, since each language has its own characteristics. This diploma paper discusses to what extent, if any, certain linguistic characteristics of Black English from the film Do the Right Thing can be translated into the Slovene language. The theoretical part presents the meaning of culture, cultural differences, a brief presentation of Slovene and African-American culture, along with a detailed presentation of speech of African-Americans, including its characteristics, which is followed by skopos theory and subtitling standards. The empirical part consists of analysis and comparison of examples with Black English characteristics found in the film, with their equivalents in Slovene translations. The skopos theory and subtitling standards are considered in the analysis as well.
Ključne besede: culture, African-American, Black English, subtitling, skopos
Objavljeno: 23.11.2012; Ogledov: 1541; Prenosov: 92
.pdf Celotno besedilo (770,01 KB)

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