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Static bending analysis of a transversely cracked strip tapered footing on a two-parameter soil using a new beam finite element
Denis Imamović, Matjaž Skrinar, 2024, original scientific article

Abstract: In this paper, a new beam Euler–Bernoulli finite element for the transverse static bending analysis of cracked slender strip tapered footings on an elastic two-parameter soil is presented. Standard Hermitian cubic interpolation functions are selected to derive the closed-form expressions of complete stiffness matrix and the load vector. The efficiency of the proposed finite element is verified on an example with several width tapering variations of a simple cracked footing with the results of governing differential equation. Another novelty of this study is improved bending moment functions with included discontinuity conditions at the crack location. These functions now accurately describe the bending moments in the vicinity of the crack of the finite element.
Keywords: transverse displacements analysis, cracked tapered beam, discrete spring model, static analysis, finite element method
Published in DKUM: 28.02.2024; Views: 214; Downloads: 14
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A fundamental study of the performance of X-section cast-in-place concrete single piles
Yu Wang, Yaru Lv, Dongdong Zhang, Jieying Zhou, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: X-section cast-in-place concrete (XCC) piles are used because they have a higher bearing capacity than circularsection cast-in-place concrete (CCC) piles of the same cross-sectional area. Although the bearing capacity of XCC piles has been studied, the performance of XCC single piles, especially for the stress-transfer mechanism dependent on the geometrical effects, is still not fully understood. This paper reports two comparative field static load tests on an XCC and a CCC single pile of the same cross-sectional area. In addition, corresponding threedimensional numerical back-analyses are performed to provide a fundamental understanding. The measured and computed results reveal that the XCC single pile has an approximately 25% higher ultimate bearing capacity than the CCC single pile. This is because the XCC single pile has an approximately 20% larger total side resistance, which is caused by a 60% larger pile perimeter and a slightly smaller unit side resistance. Lateral soil arching effects are developed, causing a non-uniform effective normal stress and a shear stress across the circumference of the XCC single pile. It is suggested that XCC single piles have a higher efficiency in terms of material saving compared with CCC single piles.
Keywords: X-section cast-in-place concrete pile, field static load test, three-dimensional numerical back-analysis, stresstransfer mechanism, side resistance, soil arching
Published in DKUM: 15.06.2018; Views: 1384; Downloads: 172
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