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Literary Translation and Sociolects in Limon's Version of Skubic's Fužine Blues
Maja Gerečnik, 2011, diplomsko delo

Opis: Literary translation is the most important form of intercultural communication. The translator is confronted with a difficult task: he or she has to translate the literary works and cast them, shape and form them, polish them up, and if necessary even transform them, whereas he or she still to large extent has to remain faithful to the original. At the same time he or she must function as a cultural manager in bridging the gap between both cultures. The novel Fužine Blues, published in 2001, is the second novel written by Andrej E. Skubic. It brought him the nomination for the prestigious Kresnik Prize. The novel tells a story about four people that live in Fužine and is portrayed entirely through the language they use. The story takes place in one single day – 13th June 2000 – the day of the football match between Slovenia and Yugoslavia. The author uses three main sociolects to portray the story: the excess sociolect of Peter Sokič and Igor Ščinkavec, the overcultivated sociolect of Vera Erjavec and the marginal sociolect of Janina Pašković. In my thesis I focus on the translation of each sociolect and its characteristics. The chosen sociolects possess distinct characteristics that are reflected in three fields: phonology, syntax and lexis. However, my main emphasis lies on the translation of the field of lexis. There are many different approaches for translating sociolect(s); however, there are some shortcomings in this translation that could have been avoided. Some features did not catch the needed attention of the translator or simply got lost during the process of translation.
Ključne besede: literary translation, translating sociolect(s), excess sociolect, overcultivated sociolect, marginal sociolect
Objavljeno: 27.02.2012; Ogledov: 2196; Prenosov: 119
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