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New perspectives of the regional development of old industrial areas
Lučka Lorber, 2010, published scientific conference contribution

Abstract: The process of brownfield revitalisation still poses a challenge in the SEE area. It is delayed and hindered because of legal, financial, environmental and image problems. These areas of old industrial cities represent an underexplored economic value, are areas for investment and could be motors for job creation. In our paper we would like to present the main goals of the revitalisation process. The main long-term goal is to develop an internationally competitive business location that will be able to attract new businesses dealings in higher value added environmentally friendly production and knowledge based services, aiming thus at faster and stable economic development of the region.
Keywords: economic geography, industrial zones, revitalisation, old industrial zones, projects, added value, brownfields
Published: 07.06.2012; Views: 1257; Downloads: 22
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Interdisciplinary methodological approach to the process of brownfield revitalisation of traditional industrial areas
Lučka Lorber, 2011, original scientific article

Abstract: Traditional industrial regions in the South-East Europe (SEE) represent an underexplored economic value. Revitalisation is delayed and hindered because of legal, financial, environmental and image problems. This weakens competitive investment position for cities and for SEE as a European region. This paper aims at presenting interdisciplinary methodological approach used in a brownfield revitalisation research project. The research work methodology applies the endogenous approach ("bottom up") on a basis of newly defined land use category of brownfields by the local community. Geography science enjoys an advantage of complexity of understanding spatial issues. This enables geographers to coordinate and harmonize interests between the owners, stakeholders, legislation and human resources. In addition to geographical areas (economic, traffic, demographic, environmental and regional geography) directly involved in the project applicative research, this also includes collaboration of architects, lawyers and economists. The form of applicative research work presented is being developed within the international Revitalisation of Traditional Industrial Areas in South-East Europe (ReTInA) project. The project is funded in the context of the SEE European Transnational Cooperation Programme 2009/12, involving ten partners from seven countries. The main result of the project will be the new methodology and tools to boost brownfield revitalisation in the municipalities and in old industrial areas of SEE region.
Keywords: applied geography, interdisciplinary methodological approach, endogenous approach, practice tools, brownfield revitalisation
Published: 21.12.2015; Views: 312; Downloads: 28
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Wege der Regelung innerstädtischer Konflikte
Jörg Maier, 2012, original scientific article

Abstract: The paper describes the example of urban management activities as a result of the program for revitalisation of the town center. The problem occurs after the decision of trade company to built up a new shopping center on the edge of the town. The result of this decision could be the loss of attractiveness of the town center. The retailers and caterers together with state support and experts have prepared the program for better and more attractive offer in town centre.
Keywords: urban management, urban revitalisation, town marketing
Published: 10.04.2018; Views: 241; Downloads: 36
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