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Transformation of »university of corridors« - renovation of Technical Faculties in Maribor
Yuliia Vashchenko, 2020, magistrsko delo

Opis: The University of Maribor is one of the main educational institutions in Slovenia. It strives for development, transfer of knowledge, interconnection among studying and research programs, faculties in Slovenia and abroad. The renovation of Technical Faculties in Maribor, located on Smetanova street, is one of the key points in the university’s development strategy. The first part of the thesis provides an analysis of the location at macro-, meso- and micro- levels: climate, urban context, transport and accessibility, green areas, and open spaces. Having analyzed the history of the University of Maribor and Technical Faculties from the beginning of the operation, their current condition and strategy for further development, we determined advantages and disadvantages. One of the main design problems appears to be the lack of common spaces and places for student’s work. Consequently, we can observe the absence of functions vital for a productive educational process and modern university life. The practical part of the thesis proposes the concept of systematic renovation of Technical Faculties in Maribor. It focuses on designing a solution that would incorporate missing functions and spaces into an existing operating complex of buildings. The concept involves the demolition of particular buildings or elements such as attics, connecting part F, which has lost its load-bearing capacity, and non-load-bearing elements of buildina A’s north façade. Building A has been extended to the Smetanova street with a newly-designed volume functioning as a common space, exhibition area, and transition to other parts of the complex. The library, located at the underground floor of building A, has been extended to the courtyard. The height difference among buildings is regulated with the help of the new multi-level common space. It connects the extended library to the dining room located on the ground floor of building H and main gathering space in front of Borut Pečenko’s lecture hall. Newly-designed building E with two levels of the underground garage and 4-floors-high complex of lecture rooms has been constructed instead of the demolished lecture rooms in front of Borut Pečenko lecture hall. The proposed renovation solution provides students, employees, and visitors of the Technical Faculties with a high-quality working environment, which meets modern thermal, acoustic, and visual comfort requirements and sticks to the principles of accessibility of public buildings.
Ključne besede: University of Maribor, Technical Faculties in Maribor, renovation, university common spaces
Objavljeno: 29.09.2020; Ogledov: 267; Prenosov: 85
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