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Bus-stop based real time passenger information system - case study Maribor
Marko Čelan, Mitja Klemenčič, Anamarija L. Mrgole, Marjan Lep, 2017, published scientific conference contribution

Keywords: public transport, bus transport, passengers, information system
Published in DKUM: 14.11.2017; Views: 1412; Downloads: 413
.pdf Full text (568,36 KB)
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Organizational innovation in health care - as a process
Matjaž Mulej, Tatjana Mlakar, 2008, review article

Abstract: Slovenia, like most countries of the modern world, spends too much on its public health care and supplies too little public health care services for the government, economists, politicians, and citizens to be happy. The many reforms of the public health care, e.g. in Slovenia, seem to be inefficient, one after the other, in solving this problem. Reforms have been conceived with a too poor consideration of the law of the requisite holism in decision preparation, decisions making and decision implementation. The article tackles procedure of implementation of reforms as inventions are supposed to become innovations in the public health care organization and management, rather than reforms' content. Combination of the absorption capacity, innovation promotion and diffusion is suggested for the requisite holism of implementation.
Keywords: dialectical system, diffusion of novelties, government, innovation, the public health care, requisite holism, systems thinking
Published in DKUM: 07.08.2017; Views: 1288; Downloads: 110
.pdf Full text (342,33 KB)
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Public financial funds efficiency regarding the development of innovative activities in small and medium-sized enterprises : the case of Slovenia
Jože Jesenko, Uroš Stanič, Robert Rudolf, Vanja Rangus, Nataša Meršol, 2009, original scientific article

Abstract: In this article, the authors present a method of measuring the efficiency of use of national and European public funds for promoting action in companies, including the process from a draft idea to the placement of a product or service on market. The method of measuring has been done with a matrix system, through which we have shown the distribution of public funds between service brokers that offer services for the raising of the abilities to the companies. The matrix system includes the impact matrix of service brokers on innovation enablers. Based on the assembling matrix, we have composed efficiency measures, which can serve policyholders in guiding and controlling public funds.
Keywords: efficiency, public funds, matrix system, service
Published in DKUM: 10.07.2015; Views: 1556; Downloads: 173
.pdf Full text (1,11 MB)
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