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Efficiency of laser-shaped photovoltaic cells
Ewa Korzeniewska, Mariusz Tomczyk, Łukasz Pietrzak, Miralem Hadžiselimović, Bojan Štumberger, Klemen Sredenšek, Sebastijan Seme, 2020, original scientific article

Abstract: The main aim of this paper is to analyze the influence of laser shaping of the photovoltaic cell based on its efficiency. The authors described both process of the monocrystalline photovoltaic cell manufacturing, its efficiency, and the possibilities of usage in architecture and the process of creating the photovoltaic cells of unconventional shapes by using laser technology. A method for cutting photovoltaic cells using a fiber laser was presented as well as the parameters of the laser cutting process. The described method allows cutting the massively produced silicon cells according to the predetermined trajectory. Using the proposed process parameters, satisfactory cutting edge quality, and negligible impact of the laser beam on changes in the structure of the photovoltaic cell active layers were achieved. In each cycle of structure cutting, only a small part of the material is removed (from 1 to 2 mikro), and depending on the thickness, the process is repeated from 50 to 300 times. It has been shown that the efficiency of the modified cells depends on the ratio of their surface area to the laser cutting line.
Keywords: photovoltaic cells, efficiency, photovoltaic cell modification, laser modification, silicon cells
Published in DKUM: 15.11.2023; Views: 338; Downloads: 15
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