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The witness protection program in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cases of organised crime
Adnan Jusufspahić, 2013, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose: This article presents the Witness Protection Program in BiH and the conditions for meeting the requirements for the starting the Witness Protection Program. It summarizes and explains the institution of the Witness Protection Program – the model in BiH, and considers the new proposals for de lege ferenda solutions within the Law on Witness Protection Program in BiH. Design/Methods/Approach: In this study, the author used scientific methods, such as analysis, comparative methods, and case studies, as well as quantitative and qualitative research. The data used in this study is based on the survey that shows the size of groups of offenders accused for organized crime in BiH in the 2004–2008 period. The study covers criminal organizations that were founded in BiH at the beginning of 2003, and sentenced for organised crime. Findings: The aim is to present the active role of the Witness Protection Program as a relevant mechanism for fighting organized crime today. The study also deals with the importance of international relocation and identity change of witnesses, the situation and role of the protected witness. Originality/Value: The Witness Protection Program is a new institution in the field of criminal justice in BiH, but it is not the only one, and it should be the primary tool for the joint fight against organized crime in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The study also reflects on the model in BiH as an important factor in the international surrounding, its active role, its participation and contribution in the protection of future protected witnesses and their unobstructed testimonies in criminal proceedings.
Ključne besede: organized crime, witness, witness protection program, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Objavljeno v DKUM: 10.07.2015; Ogledov: 1003; Prenosov: 85
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The impact of corruption and organized crime on the development of sustainable tourism
Janez Mekinc, Tina Kociper, Bojan Dobovšek, 2013, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose: This study focuses on the phenomenon of organized criminality and corruption. Its purpose is to analyse and explain how organized crime and corruption impact the processes of environmentally sustainable development and, indirectly, the development of tourist destinations and activities. Design/Methods/Approach: We analyzed relationships between tourist destinations, sustainable tourism, organized crime, and corruption from secondary data. We further synthesize findings and supplement them with observations and previous research findings. Findings: Organized crime and corruption have a direct impact on the sustainable development of tourist destinations and also on the services and activities of sustainable tourism. Based on a comparison of several indexes, the sustainable development of tourist destinations is greatly (negatively) affected by ecocriminality which holds back the development of sustainable tourism. It can be concluded that countries with less corruption have a better developmental sustainability, which is the building block of sustainable tourism. Originality/Value: Developing theoretical explanations and systematic studies are necessary as a first order of business if countries wish to prosecute organized crime and corruption relating to tourism. This is the first study in Slovenia dealing with this problem, thereby opening many questions for future research.
Ključne besede: sustainable tourism, sustainable development, corruption, organized crime, tourist destinations
Objavljeno v DKUM: 10.07.2015; Ogledov: 1310; Prenosov: 114
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