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Enzymatic synthesis of sugar fatty acid esters in organic solvent and in supercritical carbon dioxide and their antimicrobial activity
Maja Leitgeb, Saša Šabeder, Željko Knez, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of different sugar fatty acid esters was performed in high yields in 2-methyl-2-butanol at atmospheric pressure and in supercritical carbon dioxide (SC CO2) at 10 MPa. Influence of molecular sievesconcentration on conversion in SC CO2 was studied. Growth inhibitory effect of commercial sucrose fatty acid esters and enzymatically synthesized sucrose and fructose fatty acid esters on Gram-positive and Gram-negative micro-organisms, as well as on yeast was tested. Sucrose laurate inhibited the growth of Bacillus cereus food poisoning bacteria at a concentration of 9.375 mg/ml.
Keywords: biocatalysis, lipase, sugar fatty acid ester, organic solvent, cupercritical CO2, antimicrobial activity
Published in DKUM: 31.05.2012; Views: 1797; Downloads: 95
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