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Responsibilities of pregnant women for on going pregnancy
Ratko Matijević, Katja Erjavec, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: There are numerous factors known to affect the course of pregnancy and adversely impact perinatal mortality and morbidity. Some of them are avoidable and some are not. Avoidable factors can be either under responsibility of medical staff, health care systems and communities; or under responsibility of pregnant women. By modifying and changing their lifestyle, pregnant women can influence some avoidable factors and improve their pregnancy outcome. However, by ignoring them, they can cause potential damage to themselves and to their unborn child. There is no well defined responsibility for women concerning ways they influence their pregnancy outcome; they have a full right to make decisions about themselves and their unborn children, whether right or wrong. Good communication, education and understanding are essential when dealing with these issues.
Keywords: obstetrics, antenatal care, pregnant women, lifestyle habits
Published: 09.10.2018; Views: 340; Downloads: 49
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Mobility and lifestyle of small town inhabitans
Vladimir Drozg, 2011, independent scientific component part or a chapter in a monograph

Abstract: The paper deals with the question how does the place of residence influence mobility and how is mobility part of daily activities of the population in small and big towns of Slovenia. For better explanation of the question four types of lifestyle has been defined: from very mobile with a wide home-range to less mobile with the small home-range. It can be seen that there is no big difference in mobility of inhabitants of small and big towns.
Keywords: mobility, small towns, lifestyle, Slovenia
Published: 07.06.2012; Views: 2514; Downloads: 29
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