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Mojca Žitnik, 2012, diplomsko delo

Opis: This diploma paper, entitled Auto-correction in Simultaneous Interpreting, consists of two main parts; the theoretical and the empirical part. The theoretical part introduces the given problem, and focuses on the first language acquisition, as well as on the psychological processes that occur in the human mind when language is created, and how it deals with simultaneous perception and production. This is then followed by the explanation of the second language acquisition. We further focus on the theoretical explanation of interpreting, with special emphasis on simultaneous interpreting, where we explain the specifics and the main problems of simultaneous interpreting. This is followed by the theoretical definition and the distinction between mistakes and errors as S. P. Corder sees it. The second part focuses on the empirical research which was conducted in order to determine which types of errors occur with the students of simultaneous interpreting. These errors were analysed with the help of sound recordings, and are further outpointed at different levels, such as grammar, syntax, phonetics and lexis. We also try to distinguish between errors and mistakes. The data collected are presented and discussed at the end of the diploma paper. The diploma paper was written in order to discover and describe different types of errors that the second language learners make, which strategies they use in correcting themselves, and how successful they are in doing it.
Ključne besede: language, first language acquisition, second language acquisition, simultaneous interpreting, errors, mistakes
Objavljeno: 09.07.2012; Ogledov: 1047; Prenosov: 96
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