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A comparison of the channel geomorphic unit composition of regulated and unregulated reaches in the Soča river
Ian Maddock, Nataša Smolar, Graham Hill, 2007, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper examines the effects of flow regulation on the size, spatial distribution and connectivity of channel geomorphic units (CGU) in the Soča River, Slovenia. A river channel survey was completed along three reaches, i.e. an unregulated reach (reach 1), and two regulated reaches with lower discharges, (reach 2 and 3). Results demonstrated significant differences in the CGU composition between the unregulated and regulated reaches. Flow regulation in the Soča River alters the dominant types of CGU's present, significantly reduces the size of CGU's, and affects the longitudinal distribution of types by reducing habitat connectivity and creating greater habitat fragmentation.
Keywords: Soča River, river regulation, habitat mapping, channel geomorphic unit, river hydraulics, river morphology
Published: 05.03.2018; Views: 613; Downloads: 72
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Flexible test stands based on LabVIEW
Tadej Tašner, Darko Lovrec, 2012, original scientific article

Abstract: Research departments and laboratories, as well as industry itself need to become more flexible. They need to adopt new trends and technologies as quickly as possible. It is obvious however, that any hardware should be changed minimally in order to reduce costs and the complexities of any changes necessary. Therefore, any update has to be made mainly by software changes. This article introduces a concept of a transmission test ]stand modified into a hydraulic test ]stand, using the same equipment and changed software based on LabVIEW. LabVIEW uses G programming language with block diagrams which is, compared to a text-based program, easier to understand and update.
Keywords: LabVIEW, test-stand, transmission, hydraulics, graphic programming
Published: 01.06.2012; Views: 897; Downloads: 34
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