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Sensitivity Analysis of Hybrid Powertrain Pre-calibration Algorithms : magistrsko delo
Simon Šegula, 2023, master's thesis

Abstract: Currently, meeting the new fuel consumption and emissions standards is the biggest challenge in the automotive industry. One of the solutions is hybridization of the vehicle’s powertrain. This brings with it larger complexity of the vehicle control unit and its pre-calibration. This thesis explores gear shift map and load point shift map, which are two pre-calibration maps included in the vehicle control unit. More specifically it delves in to how the pre-calibration maps are created and how changing their parameters impacts the fuel consumption of the vehicle. Algorithms and optimization simulations were created and performed using AVL’s tool called the Powertrain system optimizer (PSO) which was created within the MATLAB software.
Keywords: Hybrid electric vehicle, Hybrid powertrain, Gear shift map, Load point shift map, Pre-calibration.
Published in DKUM: 23.11.2023; Views: 346; Downloads: 0

The impact of plug-in hybrid vehicles in low-voltage distribution systems using a Monte Carlo simulation
Evica Smilkoska, Vasko Zdraveski, Jovica Vuletić, Jordančo Angelov, Mirko Todorovski, 2023, original scientific article

Abstract: The growing presence and randomness of renewable-based Distributed Generation, such as solar, photovoltaic, and wind power, and heavy Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle loads in residential distribution grids result in both a higher degree of imbalance and a wide range of voltage fluctuations. When increasing the number of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles that are simultaneously charged, the additional unpredicted load may cause several problems to the current grid in terms of voltage deviations, thermal overloads, power losses, increased aging of transformers and lines, decreased quality of supply, and power outages. This paper proposes an approach that models Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles’ behaviour and performs power flow analysis on CIGRE low voltage benchmark grid to investigate the impact on the current distribution grid.
Keywords: plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, power quality, non-deterministic approach, voltage deviations, power losses, distribution systems
Published in DKUM: 11.10.2023; Views: 390; Downloads: 5
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