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Cristina Stoianova, 2014, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: The thesis Teenage Slang In The Contemporary British Novel Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging by Louise Rennison presents the novel of a teenage girl’s life in the British culture nowadays, and was published in 1999. The novel is based on a fictional character Georgia Nicolson, writing a diary about the things she deals with. Slang used in this novel is the main focus of the thesis. The paper begins with some basic definitions (such as that of slang, etc.), and continues with the description and characteristics of teenagers with the emphasis on the language they use. Certain explanations, specific examples and data about the novel are added at the end of the first part. The second part, the main part of the thesis, focuses on three hypotheses as the key research areas of the thesis. These are as follows: identifying an area of early teen slang distinct from other groups’ slang usage; exploring whether teens use slang as code, as image or as rebellion; and establishing a select glossary of slang terms. The third part of the thesis is the conclusion, summing up the main points of my research. The practical part is presented as an appendix at the end. It involves a short collection of slang words used in the novel and the explanation of each word, given the specific context obtained from the novel.
Keywords: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, contemporary British novel, teenage slang, glossary of selected slang terms.
Published: 16.12.2014; Views: 882; Downloads: 67
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Glossary for Academic Integrity
Loreta Tauginienė, Inga Gaižauskaitė, Irene Glendinning, Július Kravjar, Milan Ojsteršek, Laura Ribeiro, Tatjana Odiņeca, Franca Marino, Marco Consentino, Shiva Sivasubramaniam, Tomáš Foltýnek, 2018, scientific terminological dictionary, encyclopaedia or topical lexicon

Abstract: This glossary serves as a basis to further common understanding on academic integrity through learning new terms and rediscovering old terms in new contexts. The need for this document derives from the variety of terms that are commonly used, but under different contexts. In this sense, we attempted to arrive at a common meaning. This glossary could be of value to national ombudspersons, judicial authorities, compliance officers, research project managers and other related bodies or units in academia as well as students, business sector and others.
Keywords: glossary, academic integrity, plagiarism, ethics, research, academic misconduct, academic writing, copyright
Published: 13.10.2019; Views: 181; Downloads: 10
.pdf Full text (1,20 MB)
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