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New Architecture of The Berane Airport
Ivan Pićurić, 2018, master's thesis

Abstract: This Master's Thesis explores the concept of the New Berane Airport that will serve as a turning point for improving the winter tourism offer of Montenegro and the region, thereby attracting a greater number of tourists to the country. The new facility must follow the guidelines of modern architecture, modern design, and the surrounding mountain landscapes, which represents an additional challenge in terms of construction and design. The main aim is to create an efficient structure, a new regional aviation centre, with well-designed transport links that will meet the needs of a large number of passengers and visitors from the region and the rest of the world. The visual aspects of the structure must be in line with the dominant type of architecture in the municipality of Berane, which is why the use of local materials and traditional elements has been foreseen. The new urban plan will follow the existing plan, although its capacity and content will be expanded in accordance with the former plans for the airport. In the planning phase, appropriate use of airport and traffic manuals is essential.
Keywords: airport, architecture, concrete, shell roof, glass facade, tourism, transport, parametric design, regional centre, Berane
Published: 15.06.2018; Views: 627; Downloads: 206
.pdf Full text (38,54 MB)

Finite size effects in soft matter under an electric field stimulus
Saša Harkai, 2016, master's thesis

Abstract: In this thesis, we study the effect of an external electric field on the properties of glass forming liquids. We present the properties relevant and important for understanding the phenomenon, such as the transition temperature and the temperature dependence of viscosity. We create a numerical model and use a method called molecular dynamics with the Lennard-Jones potential and an added external field as the interatomic potential to simulate molecular motion within a glass forming liquid. We implement analysis methods to calculate properties such as the radial distribution function, static structure factor, diffusion coefficient, non-Gaussian parameter, and relaxation time. We use the implemented methods to evaluate the molecular behaviour of the simulation and compare the results with theoretical predictions.
Keywords: finite size, glass transition, diffusion constant, dynamic heterogeneity, electric field
Published: 21.09.2016; Views: 781; Downloads: 83
.pdf Full text (1,38 MB)

Tilen Škrinjar, 2015, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Dandanes prenosljiva tehnologija doživlja izjemen porast. Eden izmed mnogih produktov le-te so tudi očala Google Glass. Gre za visokotehnološko napravo z optičnim zaslonom, ki nam omogoča interakcijo preko govora ali sledilne ploščice. V diplomskem delu bodo na kratko predstavljene osnovne specifikacije. Več poudarka bo na analizi in uporabi senzorjev. Mednje štejemo osnovne senzorje, kot so pospeškometer, žiroskop in drugi. Opisana bo izdelava aplikacije, ki služi kot pregled vseh senzorjev in bo prikazovala izhodne podatke v uporabniku razumljivi obliki.
Keywords: Google Glass, aplikacija, senzorji, analiza
Published: 14.10.2015; Views: 799; Downloads: 62
.pdf Full text (1,66 MB)

Impact of the proportion of glazing surface in south facade on energy efficiency of prefabricated timber buildings
Vesna Žegarac Leskovar, Miroslav Premrov, 2011, original scientific article

Abstract: The paper presents the reasonability of using an increased proportion of glazing surfaces in prefabricated timberframe structural systems with a special focus on the energy certification of the building. The research is based on a case study of a two-storey house with a prefabricated timber-frame as well as with cross-laminated structural system with a parametric analysis of an increased-proportion-of-the-glazing-surfaces impact on south side of thebuilding, taking the climate data for Ljubljana into consideration. The analysis was carried out on different exterior wall elements having different thermal properties, while the rest of the parameters, such as the ground plan of the model as well as the active systems, roof and floor slab assemblies remain constant. The graphical presentation includes a function curve showing the annual energy demand for heating and cooling depending on the proportion of the glazing area in relation to the total surface area of the south façade of the building.
Keywords: energy-efficiency, timber building, prefabricated walls, glass
Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 812; Downloads: 19
URL Link to full text

Porosity sensor by using quartz crystals and two excitation signals
Vojko Matko, 2003, published scientific conference contribution

Abstract: In response to a need for a more accurate porosity measuring method for small solid samples (app. 1 g in mass) the porosity measurement sensor using a sensitive capacitive-dependent crystal was developed. This paper presents the new sensor and the probe sensitivity, frequency dependence on the volume. In addition, the new idea of excitation of the entire sensor with stochastic test signals is described, and the porosity measuring method is provided. The latter includes the influence of test signals on the weighting function uncertainty. The experimental results of the porosity determination in volcanic rock samples are presented. The uncertainty of porosity measurements is less than 0.1% in the temperature range 10 - 30°C.
Keywords: electrical measurements, porosity, soil, capacitive dependent crystals, sensor, glass test tube, direct digital method
Published: 01.06.2012; Views: 1519; Downloads: 88
URL Link to full text

Anamarija Potočnik, 2011, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof are the most successful Tennessee Williams' plays and among the most significant plays of the twentieth-century. The psychoanalytic approach was used to analyse the three Williams' plays, since they are full of recurring themes such as social isolation and loneliness and memorable characters with complex personalities. The characters of the Williams' plays are all based on real people from Williams' life or Williams himself, so the comparison to Williams' biography was crucial for the description of characters and for clarification of the literary functions of the Oedipus complex. The paper was not restricted to the Oedipus complex only, but it also included some other psychoanalytical concepts such as declarative memory, object-relational conflict and homosexual panic for better understanding of the characters and literary functions of Oedipus complex in The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The plays reveal Williams' life story. The sources of research were the three plays, literature about the author and psychoanalytic articles about Williams and Williams' plays.
Keywords: Tennessee Williams, Oedipus complex, The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, psychoanalytical approach.
Published: 24.01.2011; Views: 3094; Downloads: 222
.pdf Full text (381,32 KB)

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