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Language evolution from the cultural aspect
Ana Pejković, 2011, diplomsko delo

Opis: Language is the primary force of human social life. It is the most important characteristic that separates humans from animals. The question of language evolution has not yet been completely answered, despite several theories dealing with this subject. In my graduation thesis I deal with language evolution from the cultural aspect. First I present the process of evolution, focusing on cultural evolution – the transfer of cultural patterns in social community. I deal with different language definitions, presented by Sverker Johansson, and the reasons for its evolution. The chapter on language definitions is completed by presenting the cradle of language, which is Africa. When focusing on language evolution from the cultural aspect, it is necessary to present the theory of cultural transmission by Michael Tomasello. He believed that this is the only biological mechanism that could have caused changes in cognition and behaviour. Finally, I present the question of inseparability of language and culture.
Ključne besede: evolution, language, gestures, culture, cultural transmission
Objavljeno: 27.02.2012; Ogledov: 918; Prenosov: 62
.pdf Celotno besedilo (378,87 KB)

An Analysis of Language and Gestures in Political Discourse
Aleksandra Premužič, 2016, magistrsko delo

Opis: Politicians have always used language accompanied by gestures to convince people that they are the best to lead them. The main aim of this thesis is to examine how verbal and nonverbal elements are connected in political discourse. More precisely, the study presented in the thesis examines how language and gestures are used by President Barack Obama and Borut Pahor and compare their use of gestures in their speeches. In the theoretical part we deal with verbal communication, nonverbal communication, rhetoric, gestures, political discourse and personalities of the president Pahor and the president Obama. The study that follows contains an analysis of two videos of Borut Pahor and two of Barack Obama. Screen shots from the video were made to see which gestures they use in different speeches. In total 16 gestures were examined for each video and for each of the gesture we noted what presidents were saying and which persuasive appeals of rhetoric they were using. The analysis shows that when President Obama and Pahor talk about similar topics they use similar gestures. The analysis also shows that gestures used in their speeches accompany all three lines of argument in rhetoric: ethos and pathos and also logos.
Ključne besede: Key words: gestures, language, political discourse, Borut Pahor, Barack Obama
Objavljeno: 21.03.2016; Ogledov: 700; Prenosov: 97
.pdf Celotno besedilo (2,15 MB)

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