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Laboratorijski oblagalnik tablet
Matej Štrucl Rojko, 2020, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: V diplomskem delu je predstavljen razvoj naprave za oblaganje tablet. Posebnost te naprave je transparentno zunanje ohišje, ki omogoča spremljanje in nadzor procesov med postopkom oblaganja. V programskem okolju SOLIDWORKS je bil izdelan virtualni 3D model in tehnična dokumentacija. S pomočjo vtičnika Flow Simulation je bila narejena numerična simulacija za optimizacijo toka zraka skozi vhodni nastanek. Na podlagi načrtov je podjetje RAJH PLUS d.o.o. izdelalo delujoč prototip.
Keywords: laboratorijski oblagalnik tablet, konstruiranje, Solidworks Flow Simulation
Published: 24.09.2020; Views: 156; Downloads: 51
.pdf Full text (2,88 MB)

Primerjava in migracija aplikacij iz ogrodja Vaadin v platformo Vaadin Flow
Nejc Zagrušovcem, 2019, undergraduate thesis

Abstract: Svet razvoja spletnih aplikacij se razvija in nadgrajuje iz dneva v dan, zato se proces učenja nikoli ne konča. Z nadgradnjami je potrebno novo znanje ter tudi osveževanje kode starih aplikacij. V diplomskem delu bomo razvili aplikacijo v ogrodju Vaadin ter aplikacijo migrirali v platformo Vaadin Flow, nato bomo naredili primerjavo obeh aplikacij ter izluščili prednosti, slabosti in razlike med razvojem aplikacij v ogrodju Vaadin in platformi Vaadin Flow.
Keywords: Vaadin, Vaadin Flow, spletne aplikacije, migracija spletne aplikacije, programski jezik Java.
Published: 13.11.2019; Views: 305; Downloads: 52
.pdf Full text (693,80 KB)

Numerical analysis of fluid flow in a vial
Žiga Časar, 2019, master's thesis

Abstract: Lyophilization or freeze-drying is a widely used process in the pharmaceutical and food industry. In the process the solvent will be removed under extreme conditions of low temperature and low system pressures, whereby sublimation happens, the transition from the solid phase to the gas phase, with skipping the liquid phase, which happens bellow the triple point. This study focuses on numerical modeling at the start of the process, the so called primary drying. For this stage the highest mass flow rates of vapor are typical, since the driving force of the process is the pressure difference between the sublimation front and surrounding area. In this stage the non-bonded solvent is removed. Because of the extreme conditions the typical computational fluid dynamics approach is not suitable anymore and has to be corrected. One way to do this is to use additional models for fluid behavior at the solid wall. The study focuses on the influence of different boundary conditions on the solid wall, No-Slip, Free Slip and Maxwell Slip, and their effect on fluid flow inside the vial. A quantitative and qualitative comparison of the results is presented.
Keywords: Lyophilization, Knudsen number, computational fluid dynamics, fluid flow, numerical modeling, slip boundary condition
Published: 09.07.2019; Views: 600; Downloads: 109
.pdf Full text (2,66 MB)

Design and implementation of a Fuzzy control algorithm on a programmable logic controller
Andrej Jozić, 2019, master's thesis

Abstract: V magistrskem delu je prikazano snovanje in uporaba mehkega (Fuzzy) regulacijskega sistema na primeru regulacije pretoka zraka skozi sistem dveh tlačnih posod in regulacije temperature grelca. Izvedba algoritma mehkega sklepanja je bila zasnovana na osnovi Siemens Fuzzy Control ++ orodja, ki pa ga v novejših krmilnikih ni bilo mogoče uporabiti. Razvit in implementiran je bil algoritem mehkega sklepanja v Siemens TIA portalu. V obeh primerih je bila izvedena primerjava mehkega regulatorja z linearnim PID regulatorjem. Za prikaz in analizo delovanja regulacijskega sistema je bil izdelan uporabniški vmesnik SCADA s programom Siemens WinCC.
Keywords: Fuzzy control system, Fuzzy inference algorithm, SIEMENS TIA portal, Temperature and flow control
Published: 26.04.2019; Views: 708; Downloads: 85
.pdf Full text (3,90 MB)

Orodje node-red in alternative
Domen Mori, 2018, master's thesis

Abstract: Node-RED je orodje za vizualno programiranje na podlagi opisa podatkovnih tokov, namenjeno povezovanju različnih spletnih protokolov in aplikacijskih programskih vmesnikov. Uporablja se predvsem na področju interneta stvari. V tem delu opišemo njegove ključne lastnosti, nato pa izdelamo preprosto aplikacijo in opišemo nekaj praktičnih primerov uporabe. Sledi opis alternativnih orodij, povezanih z vsaj enim izmed naštetih področij, in njihova primerjava z Node-RED. Dodamo še kratek preizkus zmogljivosti delovanja. Ugotovimo, da je Node-RED primerno orodje za povezovanje naprav in protokolov ter preprosto obdelavo njihovih podatkov. Izdelava kompleksnejših programov je možna, a orodje za takšno uporabo ni priročno.
Keywords: Node-RED, Flow, Apache Nifi, internet stvari, programiranje na podlagi opisa podatkovnih tokov
Published: 01.03.2019; Views: 650; Downloads: 86
.pdf Full text (3,74 MB)

Impacts of different factors on seepage and land uplift due to compressed-air injection
Zang Yongge, Sun Dongmei, Feng Ping, Stephan Semprich, 2017, original scientific article

Abstract: In this study, using an in-situ, air-flow test in Essen, the impacts of different factors on multiphase flow and land uplift during and after compressed-air injection were investigated using numerical simulations. A loosely coupled, two-phase flow and geo-mechanical modeling approach, linking two numerical codes (TOUGH2/EOS3 and FLAC3D) was employed to simulate the in-situ, air-flow test for comparing the simulated and measured results. As the compressed air is injected, it flows upwards and laterally, and the vertical effective stress near and above the injection zones decreases owing to the pore pressure increasing here, causing an expansion of the soil skeleton in the corresponding zones. The land uplift, induced mainly by support actions from lower deformed soils, is relevant to the distribution of the porosity increments in the soil interior, and it increases rapidly during air injection. After the compressed-air injection stops, the land uplift decreases gradually to zero due to the overpressure dissipation. With a combination of intensive rainfall, the land uplift is slightly greater near the borehole, but it is significantly greater at a distance from the borehole than the land uplift with no or low rainfall, but the air-injection rate remains almost unchanged due to the unchangeable pore pressure near the injection region. As the intrinsic permeability increases or the air entry pressure decreases in the injected strata, both the land uplift and the air injection rate increase, but the time required for the land uplift to become zero is slightly advanced with either a small permeability or a high air entry pressure.
Keywords: loosely coupled two-phase flow and geo-mechanical model, in-situ, air-flow test, compressed-air injection, multiphase flow, land uplift, air loss
Published: 18.06.2018; Views: 457; Downloads: 31
.pdf Full text (1,75 MB)
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Rheological properties of marine sediments from the port of Koper
Jasna Smolar, Matej Maček, Ana Petkovšek, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: Subaqueous, fine-grained, cohesive sediments are continuously fluidized by waves and other disturbances that cause their movement, which can be described with numerical models incorporating rheological parameters. The rheological behaviour depends on the soil (solid) type, the volume concentration, the salinity and the testing methods. In this study, rheological investigations of marine sediments from the Port of Koper were carried out by using two coaxial cylinder rheometers (DV3T HB, Brookfield and ConTec Viscometer 5). The influence of the specimen volume, the size of the gap and the type of measuring spindles were analysed and compared. The measured data were evaluated using the Bingham model. For each data set, the boundary between the sheared (“fluid”) and the un-sheared (“solid”) material was calculated and then the calculated boundary was used instead of the outer radius of the cylinder for the evaluation of the rheological parameters, where necessary. A good comparison of the results was found when using this approach. The results are also in agreement with the literature data. The ConTec Viscometer 5, primarily designed for mortars and concrete, was shown to be also suitable for the investigation of sediments.
Keywords: marine sediments, Bingham model, yield stress, plastic viscosity, coaxial cylinder rheometer, plug flow, Bay of Koper
Published: 18.06.2018; Views: 432; Downloads: 40
.pdf Full text (709,57 KB)
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Experimental research on variation of pore water pressure in constant rate of strain consolidation test
Hojjat Ahmadi, Hassan Rahimi, Abbas Soroush, Claes Alén, 2014, original scientific article

Abstract: Constant rate of strain (CRS) consolidation is a rapid test method which is used for determination of compressibility of clayey soils. In a CRS test, the appropriate strain rate is selected based on pore water pressure ratio, i.e. the ratio of pore pressure to total stress. In the present study, to investigate the effect of strain rate on variation of pore water pressure ratio, four different clay samples of different plasticity were tested by CRS apparatus. The results of the experiments showed that the trend of variation of pore water pressure is dependent on the drained water flow regime which may be either Darcy or non-Darcy. The results also indicated that the plasticity of clay does not have considerable effect on variation of pore water pressure.
Keywords: constant rate of strain, consolidation, pore water pressure ratio, soil plasticity, Darcy and non-Darcy flow
Published: 14.06.2018; Views: 361; Downloads: 35
.pdf Full text (576,58 KB)
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The response of saturated soils to a dynamic load
Stanislav Lenart, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper presents the two most significant types of deformation behavior fordynamically loaded, saturated soil. Flow liquefaction and cyclic mobility deserve special attention because of the large deformations that accompany these two phenomena. The submergence of a railway-line embankment due to the newly built Sava-river accumulation reservoir in Boštanj and the large landslide that occurred in the Stože area in the Julian Alps are case histories in Slovenia where flow liquefaction and cyclic mobility were analyzed. The dynamic loading caused by railway traffic and possible seismic activity were taken into account. Material from these two sites, silty sand and lacustrine carbonate silt, were used in extensive laboratory research, with the objective to define a procedure for excess pore-water pressure-generation modeling in dynamically loaded saturated soil. It has been found recently that the change of the pore-water pressure is related to the dissipated energy density calculated from the hysteresis loops caused by dynamic loading. Based on the experimental results an empirical equation defining the generation of pore pressure during dynamic loading has been proposed. The equation is divided into two parts: the first part describing the residual pore-water pressure generation, and the second part describing the increment and decrement of pore-water pressure within the load cycle, the so-called temporary pore-water pressure change. The proper effective stresses and thus the stress path of the dynamically loaded soil can be defined by using the proposed energy-based numerical model. The proposed pore-pressure model can also be used in deformation-behavior modeling. It was observed from the experimental results that after a few cycles of dynamic loading the saturated soil starts to exhibit a very low stiffness at the beginning of a load cycle, after which it begins to strengthen. The strain developed during this softening phase represents the main share of the total strain. The occurrence and duration of this phase are related to the energy dissipated during the cyclic loading as well, and the relation between the dissipated energy, the excess pore pressure and the short-term flow during cyclic mobility, give us an opportunity for a simple response modeling of the dynamically loaded saturated soils.
Keywords: flow liquefaction, cyclic mobility, excess pore pressure, dissipated energy
Published: 05.06.2018; Views: 393; Downloads: 90
.pdf Full text (370,70 KB)
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Material flow cost accounting
Manuela Ingaldi, Dorota Klimecka-Tatar, 2016, independent scientific component part or a chapter in a monograph

Keywords: material costs, material efficiency, material flow, material flow cost accounting, MFCA
Published: 11.05.2018; Views: 1384; Downloads: 55
.pdf Full text (1,29 MB)
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