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Landing errors in the men's floor exercise are caused by flight characteristics
Miha Marinšek, Ivan Čuk, 2010, original scientific article

Abstract: Landing errors on men's floor exercises are caused by the flight parameters. Depending of the flight phase is determined the magnitude of the landing mistake. On the sample of all gymnasts (n=97) who were competing in the qualifications of the senior Men's European Championships 2004 in Ljubljana, we analyzed saltos which were performed by them. Variables according to the theoretical model for the evaluation of salto landings in the floor exercise were used. From the mentioned model we chose only those variables that relate to the flight phase. Axis of rotation, number of turns around longitudinal axis and initial landing height have a significant impact on the magnitude of the landing mistake.
Keywords: gymnastics, floor exercise, landings, flight phase
Published: 04.08.2017; Views: 304; Downloads: 87
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Aerobic games and playful exercises in 9-year-old boys
Gunnar E Mathisen, Rein M Jensen, Svein A Pettersen, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: Previous research on exercise for pre-adolescents with the purpose of improving aerobic fitness levels has yielded contradictory results. Sufficient training intensity, frequency and duration are the crucial factors in achieving this goal; the question, however, is whether it is possible to reach sufficient intensity levels using aerobic games and playful exercises. Variety and fun are the important factors in motivating children to participate in physical exercises and sports. Therefore, the aim of the study was to investigate the effect of high intensity exercises in pre-adolescent boys, using programs consisting of fun activities and aerobic games. The findings show that the participants achieved intensity levels above 80 % of HRpeak on average in about 60 % of the total exercise time, resulting in significantly improved aerobic fitness.
Keywords: physical fitness, children, exercise, aerobic games
Published: 19.09.2017; Views: 262; Downloads: 55
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