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Sarcopenia parameters in active older adults : an eight-year longitudinal study
Kaja Teraž, Uroš Marušič, Miloš Kalc, Boštjan Šimunič, Primož Pori, Bruno Grassi, Stefano Lazzer, Marco Vicenzo Narici, Mojca Gabrijelčič Blenkuš, Pietro Enrico Di Prampero, Carlo Reggiani, Angelina Passaro, Gianni Biolo, Mladen Gasparini, Rado Pišot, 2023, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Background Sarcopenia is a common skeletal muscle syndrome that is common in older adults but can be mitigated by adequate and regular physical activity. The development and severity of sarcopenia is favored by several factors, the most influential of which are a sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity. The aim of this observational longitudinal cohort study was to evaluate changes in sarcopenia parameters, based on the EWGSOP2 definition in a population of active older adults after eight years. It was hypothesized that selected active older adults would perform better on sarcopenia tests than the average population. Methods The 52 active older adults (22 men and 30 women, mean age: 68.4±5.6 years at the time of their first evaluation) participated in the study at two time points eight-years apart. Three sarcopenia parameters were assessed at both time points: Muscle strength (handgrip test), skeletal muscle mass index, and physical performance (gait speed), these parameters were used to diagnose sarcop0enia according to the EWGSOP2 definition. Additional motor tests were also performed at follow-up measurements to assess participants’ overall fitness. Participants self-reported physical activity and sedentary behavior using General Physical Activity Questionnaire at baseline and at follow-up measurements. Results In the first measurements we did not detect signs of sarcopenia in any individual, but after 8 years, we detected signs of sarcopenia in 7 participants. After eight years, we detected decline in ; muscle strength (-10.2%; p<.001), muscle mass index (-5.4%; p<.001), and physical performance measured with gait speed (-28.6%; p<.001). Similarly, self-reported physical activity and sedentary behavior declined, too (-25.0%; p=.030 and −48.5%; p<.001, respectively). Conclusions Despite expected lower scores on tests of sarcopenia parameters due to age-related decline, participants performed better on motor tests than reported in similar studies. Nevertheless, the prevalence of sarcopenia was consistent with most of the published literature. Trial registration The clinical trial protocol was registered on ClinicalTrials.gov, identifier: NCT04899531
Ključne besede: elderly, physical activities, sedentary behavior, skeletal muscle disorder, sarcopenia
Objavljeno v DKUM: 25.03.2024; Ogledov: 160; Prenosov: 7
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Factors affecting tourism activity selection among silver hair tourists
Mihaela Kežman, Jana Goriup, 2022, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Demographic changes are visible in many areas of life, including tourism. Silver hair tourism is on the rise and this target group is becoming an increasingly important segment of the tourism market. The market for silver hair tourists is growing. They have high purchasing power, relatively higher than younger groups. Therefore, tourism needs to respond to new demographic challenges in society, such as population aging and active longevity, with new types and forms of tourism. The travel experience of silver hair tourists also has a significant impact on the quality and satisfaction of life in general. In many ways it adds value in the life of elderly adults, in the field of well-being, gaining new experiences, learning, expanding the social network, improving health and much more. Therefore, knowing the demographic characteristics of silver hair tourists is all the more important and necessary for the creation of good tourist offers. Within this paper we have conducted a survey among silver hair tourists aged between 65 and 75 years inclusive. Data was collected in Multigenerational Centres across Slovenia with a paper-pencil survey. We obtained 405 valid questionnaires. In the analysis of empirical data, we looked for statistically significant differences in five socio-demographic and economic variables. We found statistically significant differences between men and women and between the age groups of silver hair tourists regarding the choice of tourism activities. In terms of demographic factors such as education, income and assessment of health status, we find a connection between tourism activities and demography. Travel raises the quality of life of ‘silver hair tourists,’ so it is important to offer them programs that will be more tailored to them. This article provides some answers that can help us create programmes like that.
Ključne besede: silver hair tourists, tourist activities, elderly tourism, demography
Objavljeno v DKUM: 18.01.2024; Ogledov: 240; Prenosov: 7
.pdf Celotno besedilo (195,56 KB)
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Health tourism and physical literacy : a qualitative exploration of elderly visitors' experiences after rehabilitation at Slovenian health resorts
Katja Kokot, Maja Turnšek, 2022, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: The promotion of physical literacy is an opportunity to multiply significant health benefits in an ageing society. In Slovenia, health resorts are one of the most common prime areas for health enhancement, offering numerous services for individuals to improve their health and forming an important pillar of the social tourism and healthcare sector. The aim of this research is to explore the role of medical rehabilitation at Slovene health resorts in the processes of increasing the physical literacy of their patients. Twenty-one semi-structured interviews were conducted with previous guests of Slovene health resorts who have undertaken medical rehabilitation. The analysis indicates that the most common approach is providing lectures about physical activity followed by group or individual physical regimes organised for patients with similar health concerns. These actions target two dimensions of physical literacy: the competence and the knowledge/understanding dimension. However, the eventual omission of prescribed physical activity following the rehabilitation is an issue concerning the motivation dimension of physical literacy, which should thus be addressed more in the future. The findings contribute to understanding the role of medical rehabilitation at Slovene health resorts by applying the physical literacy model for older adults. The study provides valuable insights regarding the long-term benefits of rehabilitation at the health resorts on individuals’ level of physical literacy. The results are helpful for both the tourism and medical sectors.
Ključne besede: health resorts, physical literacy, health tourism, rehabilitation, health literacy, elderly
Objavljeno v DKUM: 15.01.2024; Ogledov: 279; Prenosov: 6
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Elderly population and labour market stabilization in Europe : the case of Slovenia
Rasto Ovin, Marko Divjak, Živa Veingerl Čič, Anita Maček, 2021, izvirni znanstveni članek

Ključne besede: elderly population, economic activity, labour market, HRM gap in Slovenia
Objavljeno v DKUM: 01.09.2023; Ogledov: 315; Prenosov: 15
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The role of modified vaginal microbiota on postoperative bleeding following large loop exscision of the transformation zone (LLETZ)
Darja Arko, Tomaž Rojko, Andrej Cokan, Ivan Žebeljan, Iztok Takač, 2021, izvirni znanstveni članek

Ključne besede: genital pathogens, chlamydia trachomatis, induction of anesthesia, oxygen delivery, elderly
Objavljeno v DKUM: 22.01.2023; Ogledov: 532; Prenosov: 38
.pdf Celotno besedilo (368,69 KB)
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Effects of intravenous and inhalation induction of anesthesia on oxygen delivery in elderly patients undergoing colorectal surgery
Dušan Mekiš, Vesna Sok, 2021, izvirni znanstveni članek

Ključne besede: propofol, sevoflurane, induction of anesthesia, oxygen delivery, elderly
Objavljeno v DKUM: 22.01.2023; Ogledov: 418; Prenosov: 42
.pdf Celotno besedilo (656,17 KB)
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Violence against the elderly - analysis of further research needs based on a systematic review of research
Teja Primc, Branko Lobnikar, Kaja Prislan Mihelič, 2021, pregledni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose of the Paper: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the current state of research on the topic of elder abuse both in the institutional and domestic environment and to present the key findings of existing studies. The paper also aims to shed light on areas requiring additional research and present the directions for further research. Methods: A systematic literature review was conducted using the PRISMA method in the Web of Science and Scopus databases. The review included 29 papers published between 2010 and 2021. Findings: Elder abuse is an under-researched topic. The lack of research is particularly apparent in the incidence and nature of the problem in the home environment. Previous studies focus on the various forms of abuse, its perpetrators and risk factors. Rates of psychological abuse, neglect and physical abuse are high in nursing homes and among older visitors to ambulatory care facilities and emergency departments, while self-neglect, neglect and psychological abuse are prevalent in the home environment. Women between the ages of 70 and 75, who are socially isolated and require daily care, are more exposed to abuse. The perpetrators of the abuse are most often family members. Limitations/Applicability of the Research: The ‘paper’s findings provide insight into research on elder abuse and can serve as a basis for planning research into this phenomenon. The paper highlights research gaps and introduces opportunities for improvements in the systemic approaches when addressing the issue. Originality/Relevance of the Paper: The paper presents the systematic and up to date analysis of past studies on elder abuse. The results are intended for professionals and researchers working in the field.
Ključne besede: violence, abuse, neglect, elderly, systematic literature review
Objavljeno v DKUM: 26.01.2022; Ogledov: 964; Prenosov: 28
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Developing police search strategies for elderly missing persons in Croatia
Ksenija Butorac, Marijan Šuperina, Ljiljana Mikšaj-Todorović, 2015, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Purpose: This paper examines the distribution of elderly missing persons in the city of Zagreb per variables (age, sex of the missing person, social and marital status, employment, place and duration of disappearance, method of finding the missing person, its outcome, reasons for disappearance, etc.) needed for the design of the plan of the search for the missing person. Design/Methods/Approach: The paper uses data collected through a questionnaire with 417 variables and processed with certain basic statistical methods. The collected data are examined on a sample of 170 elderly missing persons in the city of Zagreb, and through characteristics of methods, measures and actions, together with the methods of search for elderly persons in cities, with special reference to Zagreb. Findings: The statistically established behavioural modes of certain groups of elderly people are analysed: persons with Alzheimer’s disease and persons with suicidal risk. The stated findings largely assist in planning and conducting the search for those persons, especially for missing person profiling and his/her possible movement since disappearance. The success of the search for the missing person presumes knowledge about the stated specifics by all searchers. It especially applies to the police in the formal, due to its sole duty and competence for the search for missing persons, as well as in the real sense where they conduct search measures and actions together with other participants adapted to real situations of disappearance of elderly persons. Research Limitations / Implications: The research has been limited by data available from the police bulletin of daily events, but this limitation was partially removed by a direct insight into the police files containing the case history. During the research, the legal and ethical regulations regarding personal data protection were strictly followed. Originality/Value: There is a number of researches on police search for the missing persons (UK, USA, Australia etc.), but few of them deal with elderly persons. This paper introduces a new offensive approach to the search for the missing person on a strategic level (missing person profiling with regard to specific variables, possible movement and routes, “wanderings”). New police procedures are suggested on a tactical level (e.g., stopping a person who disappeared in a certain area), but they include traditional police methods (car & regular patrols, police officers on bicycles, police search dogs, collecting information, conducting interviews, terrain search etc.). Introduction of the principle of partnership search for the missing person. Research results should be useful to police practice and their education.
Ključne besede: missing persons, police search, elderly persons, Alzheimer's disease, Croatia
Objavljeno v DKUM: 16.04.2020; Ogledov: 994; Prenosov: 61
.pdf Celotno besedilo (366,35 KB)
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Health services utilization in older Europeans : an empirical study
Andrej Srakar, Rok Hren, Valentina Prevolnik Rupel, 2016, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Background and Purpose: Chronic diseases and associated co-morbidities are highly prevalent among elderly and are associated with an increase in health services utilization which in turn raises health care expenditures throughout industrialized societies. However, health care utilization in elderly is still inadequately understood, particularly regarding the differences among European jurisdictions. In our article, we use dataset of Wave 5 of SHARE survey to study the utilization of health care in older Europeans in 15 European countries. Design/Methodology/Approach: We investigate relationships between factors such as age, gender, income, education and health variables and the utilization of various types of health services. We apply regression modeling to study the determinants of health utilization (different socioeconomic and health variables) of older people. Results: We show some significant differences between determinants of health utilization in terms of probability and frequency of usage. We also explore patterns between welfare regimes, taking Eastern European jurisdictions as a reference category. Finally, we show that in a simple causal model the provision of formal and/or informal homecare serves as a complement to utilization of health care services. Conclusion: Results of our article are important for the management of health care facilities in terms of health care usage by older people, and can be of value to health care providers and policy makers in the field.
Ključne besede: health services, health care, services, utilization, users, elderly people, analysis, Europe
Objavljeno v DKUM: 30.11.2017; Ogledov: 1177; Prenosov: 258
.pdf Celotno besedilo (428,01 KB)
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