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Teaching early-level foreign languages to pupils with impaired pronunciation abilities
Věra Janíková, 2009, pregledni znanstveni članek

Opis: Today, teaching and learning early-level foreign languages has become a common issue often discussed by specialists. This article deals with the problems of foreign language pronunciation for primary level pupils with impaired communication abilities. The article includes findings from special education and psychology reports along with a definition of the term impaired communication ability and the phonetic-phonological impact it has on learning a foreign language. The conclusion presents some chosen methods for teaching drama and theatre projects that deal with proper pronunciation training and the results of related research investigations.
Ključne besede: special education needs, specific learning difficulties, impaired communication ability, early-level foreign language learning, methods of teaching drama, research
Objavljeno: 09.10.2017; Ogledov: 759; Prenosov: 62
.pdf Celotno besedilo (951,93 KB)
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Translation Mistakes in Bilingual Tourism Signs
Pija Kristan, 2012, diplomsko delo

Opis: The aim of this thesis was to analyze the language in bilingual tourism signs and tourist maps in Maribor and Ljubljana. Indicative and suggestive bilingual tourism signs were examined, as well as tourist maps found at public places and popular tourist spots. I investigated what kind of translation difficulties, mistranslations, language mistakes, and inconsistencies occur when translating tourism signs and tourist maps from Slovene into English. The theoretical part of the thesis covers the general area of tourism, the characteristics of tourism texts and tourism signs, and the characteristics of translating tourism texts and tourism signs in particular. The empirical part represents an analysis of the concrete translation difficulties found on tourism signs and tourist maps. The translation difficulties are pointed out, and suggestions for improvement are stated. The results of the analysis show that translation difficulties were found in many areas. In the area of spelling, misspellings, the use of abbreviations, and the inconsistent use of British or American English posed a problem. Regarding punctuation, translators had difficulties with the proper use of hyphens, strokes, and grave accents. In the area of grammar, inconsistencies and errors with the use of word order, capitalization, articles, and prepositions were noticed. In semantics, some information was omitted in translations, and meaning was not retained at a suitable level. The level of formality appeared too low in some instances as well, and inconsistencies in terms of using several different translations for the same source term were common.
Ključne besede: translation mistakes, language difficulties, tourist texts, bilingual tourism signs, bilingual tourist maps
Objavljeno: 14.12.2012; Ogledov: 2767; Prenosov: 94
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,28 MB)

Prevajalski problemi pri prevajanju poljudnoznanstvenih besedil iz slovenščine v angleščino – kontrastivna analiza turističnih besedil s področja
Polonca Vouk, 2011, diplomsko delo

Opis: The aim of this thesis was to provide the insight into translation difficulties that occur when translating popular science texts from Slovene into English with special reference to popular science texts as tourist texts from the area of speleology and to investigate what kind of translators are usually commissioned for such translations. The texts selected for analysis concentrated on the descriptions of karst caves. The empirical part of the thesis was based on contrastive analysis of selected texts, whereby special attention was given to terminology from the area of speleology, sentence structure, translating geographical names and orthographic mistakes. The results of the contrastive analysis have revealed that some inefficiencies can be shown in the majority of the analysed popular science and tourist texts from the area of speleology and only a small number of them have been translated by a qualified translator. It has also been proven that texts translated by a qualified translator contain less translation mistakes and are of better quality. The results are discussed in detail in the conclusion of the diploma paper.
Ključne besede: translation difficulties, popular science text, tourist text, speleology, geographical names
Objavljeno: 23.11.2011; Ogledov: 2439; Prenosov: 192
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,18 MB)

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